Remiville International Airport

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Remiville International Airport is an international airport in Magehaven, in the northeastern suburbs of Remiville, Belphenia. It is the main airline hub for Belphenian Airlines and the main airport for Belphenia.


Development since 1995

During the Belphenian War (1960-2011), dictator Sasuke Volkman forced the residents of Indorur, Diamond Moon and Gargatha to build a new airport for Edeiwyn.

Collapse of Sasuke Volkman's dictatorship

After dictator Sasuke Volkman was dethroned from power, workers from Nettleton Industries said the airport was in disrepair, and is needed for repairs. Throughout 2012, the airport was repaired.

2015 Redevelopment project (2015-Present)

The Remiville International Airport, along with Reback-Duranth International Airport in Drevet are being redeveloped as of January 29, 2015. The airport in Remiville will have new hotel districts, new terminals and runways, a welcome center, more access roads and an Interstate highway, just like with the Reback redevelopment plan.

In March 2015, workers from Drevet have been transferred to the Remivillle International Airport project. The Belphenian government lost at least 40,500,000S when the Reback project was suspended indefinitely.