Republic of Arciv

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Achtung.svg This is a lost country (or other lost place) that no longer exists in OpenGeofiction.

In some cases, articles about lost countries or other lost places may be preserved as a record of someone's creative efforts long ago, but these articles have no bearing on the OpenGeofiction world. DO NOT use the information in these articles in developing histories. These countries are no longer "canon", which means that not only do they no longer exist, but they never existed in OGF history.

Republic of Arciv
The location of Exampleland
Location of Exampleland in Western Uletha
Largest cityCarlisle
Official languagesArcivik, English, Dutch
 • Regional languagesGerman, Serbian, Latin
Ethnic Groups
Arcivik (54%), Torennians (20%), Continentals (16%), Other (10%)
GovernmentFederal Republic
 • PresidentBen Whiting
 • Vice PresidentLucas Klenovich
 • Federal ManagerChris Dacanay
 • Upper houseUpper Parliament
 • Lower houseLower Parliament
 • Estimate (2013)60 million
 • Census (2013)60 million
 • Density844/km2
100,000/sq mi
HDI (2013)Increase 0.784
TimezoneWUT +2:30
CurrencyArcivik Dinar (ARD)
Internet TLD.arc

The Republic of Arciv is a nation located in Tarephia. It is comprised of 8 provinces, 1 territory, and four external colonies, most notably the Beaver Archipelago. Its largest city and capital is Carlisle.


Modern Arciv began near present Breezewood with the town of Civitatem (modern Coast City). Arciviks began expanding further west, founding the town of Breezewood, and, after time, boated directly north and founded the town of Bedford, which was declared the capital of their nation. At this point, with more and more Arciviks moving to Bedford, a ship got lost and went to the eastern edge of the bay. Thinking that they had reached Bedford, they founded a town and named it Seaport.

As expansion began in the north continued, the Soyuq Empire was founded in Mina (modern Carlisle) around this time. The Soyuqqis rapidly expanded during this time period, stretching to the modern southern borders of Arciv, Mercer, and Sheffield. The growing nations met borders shortly after, prompting the First Arcivik and Soyuqqi War.

Highway System


  • Route 5: Route 79 near Breezewood - Route 19 in Inham County
  • Route 8: Route 64 in Carlisle - Route 68/Route 43 in Sheffield
  • Route 18: Route 95/Watson Street in East Vanport - F002 in Tai Kwan Leap, Tegonia
    • Route 118: Route 68 near Mercer - Mercer Road in Mercer County (incomplete)
  • Route 19: Mina - Carlisle
  • Route 22: Route 28 near Hopewell - Business 22 near Hopewell
  • Route 28: Route 70 in Unclaimed Territory - Reservoir Drive in Eastern Valley
  • Route 40: Between Akkrai and Hampton, through Route 68
  • Route 43: Between Route 68 north of Sheffield and just south of Sheffield
  • Route 60: Route 30S in Bedford - Woodlawn (Incomplete)
    • Route 760: Between Route 1 south of Bridgewater and Route 1 north of Bridgewater
  • Route 68: Route 60 in Seaport - Ocean Street in North Mercer
  • Route 70: Route 20 in Norwich - Route 20 in Junction Hollow
  • Route 95: Route 18 in East Vanport - incomplete