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Rheim Maark (official name: Kingdom of Rheim Maark) is a country in Uletha. it borders Tircambry in the West and South West, Thomern in the South, Sigalia in the East, The Daglands in the North East (sea border) and the Sigal Sea, part of Vinn Sea in the North. Memeber of Ursic Countries. Capital and the largest city is Rheimhaavn located in the North part of the Kingdom on the Central Coast


Rheim Maark is located in the North part of Uletha on the south coast of Sigal Sea, which is eastern basin of Vinn Sea. It borders Tricamry, Thomern, Sigalia and shares sea border with The Daglands.
Rheim Maark has got mild Northern climate with hot summers and cold winters. Easily separable seasons with wet and sunny spring and dry autumns.
Country has got various landscapes. Western and Central coastline is much more differentiated and developed to compare to Eastern which party is also estuary if the Great Eastern Border River. In northwestern part of the country are located Moss Mountains with few peaks that are over 1000 m above sea level. South of the Moss Mountains is located Moss Valley, than opens to Western Central Plains of the country. West of the Moss Valley and south of the Moss Mountains and between them and the Afron River located are Great Hunting Hills, which are rather small height woodlands. in Central part of the country lays Rheim River Valley, Valley splits West from Central to the East parts of the Kingdom. for Centuries the Valley was main highway North to South. In South Western Part of the Country are located Boyd Mountains which are country's highest and biggest mountain range with several peaks over 1000 m above sea level.In Southern and South Eastern part of the country are large river plains. North of them are St. Roch's Mountains, north of the there is Isaar Plain. The Most Northern Part of the country is Piike Archipelago, popular summer destination, and reach in Oil and Gas seabed.

History of Rheim Maark

Rheim Maark has got over a one thousand years rich history. Official date of proclaiming First Kingdom is 29th June 856 when tribal Prince Rheeaim established fishing village Rheeaimhv. it's history is divided into various eras:

  1. Tribal Era (... - 856)
  2. First Kingdom (856 - 1013)
  3. War of the Princes (1013 - 1101)
  4. Second Kingdom, Piike Dynasty rule (1101 - 1456)
  5. Second Kingdom, Faire Dynasty rule (1456 - 1576)
  6. Third Kingdom, formation of the Union (1576 - 1603)
  7. Third Kingdom, The Union (1603 - 1798)
  8. Third Kingdom, Industrial Revolution (1798 - 1870)
  9. Modern Empire (1870 - 1926)
  10. Fourth Kingdom, Modern Monarchy (1926 - present)


  • Main Cities
  1. Rheimhaavn 1.200.000
  2. Bennporatt 900.000
  3. Isaar 746.600
  4. Roosae 516.000
  5. Alberta 501.000
  6. Nabila 414.000
  • Administrative Divisions

Rheim Maark is divided into 7 Principalities, 1 Capital City (Crown Lands) and 1 Autonomous Region.

  1. Crown Lands - Capital City of Rheimhaavn
  2. Principality of Moss - Moss
  3. Principality of Reach - Roosae
  4. Boyd Principality - Boyd Valley
  5. Principality of Alberta - Alberta
  6. Principality of St. Roch - St. Roch's
  7. Principality of Isaar - Isaar
  8. Principality of Piike - Piike
  9. Autonomous Region of Broodh and Yannh - Broodh


Rheim Maark's economy is based on various segments: finance, tourism, industrialism (mining, local produce, science), expiration and being in good economic and political relations with it's neighbours.

  • Rheim's Compnies
  1. Royal Rail
    1. Roayl Rail Cargo
    2. Royal Rail Freight
    3. Royal Rail International
    4. Royal Rail Intercity
    5. Royal Rail Regional
    6. Royal Rail High Speed
  1. Royal Rheim Airlines
    1. Royal Rheim City Hopper Airlines
    2. Royal Rheim Cargo
  1. Darraogh (car manufacturer)
  2. Vauxx (electronics manufacturer, phones and household goods)
  3. Royal Oil (National Oil and Gas producer)
  4. Rheim Telecom
  5. Rmobile
  6. RNHS (Royal National Health Services)
  7. Rheim Steel
  8. Royal Mines (National Mining Company)



Road network in Rheim Maark is consisted of Main Roads (A), Expressways (X) and Motorways (M) as well as Regional Roads (B). Most extensive network is A roads. The are plans from Royal Ministry of Transport to expand network of motorways, that would serve major cities and international connections and expressways that would serve regional and some international connections.

  • A Roads
A1 (Rheimhaavn, Baboor, Rheimmoore, Borgeen, Vodevigg, Daraogh, Y'stadth, Flutth, Oornaveeg, Suurpunn, border with Tircambry)
A2 (Rheimhaavn, Bennbrookhe, Bennporatt, Mountainview, St. Anne's Bay, Stone Crossing, Herring Bay, st. Andrews Harbour, Afon, border with Tircambry)
  • Motorways
M0 Rheimhaavn Ring Motorway
  • Expressways
X1 Rheim Valley Expressway (Baboor, Rheimmoore, Vodevigg, Darraogh, M5)
  • B Roads, Regional Roads

A networks of B roads is supporting existing network of all other major roads in the country. Network is being successively extended and renovated. In plans there is upgrade of more local roads into B roads.

B roads are connecting major cities with regional cities and towns and villages and, quite often they play a role of alternative road to A roads.


Rail network in Rheim Maark is good. It connects main cities and some regional cities and towns as well. Royal Rail is a national rail operator and it has got plans to successively extend network as well as build high speed lines, even though distances in Rheim Mark are not great. Main lines include:

  1. Rheimhavvn to St. Andrews Harbour
  2. Rheimhaavn to Alberta
  3. Rheimhaavn to Isaar and border with Sigalia
  4. Alberta to St. Roach's and Isaar
  5. Darraogh to Roosae, Baalatear, Flemmengh and Rheimhaavn


Rheim Maark has got only 3 airports at present, they all serve international flights: Rheimhaavn International Airport, Nabila International Airport and Isaar International Airport (largest airport in country)

there are plans to build redevelop Rheimhaavn Airport into Capital International Airport and build at least 3 more new airports in centre and south of the country, potentially in Boyd Vale, Niss and Alberta.
National Air carrier is Rheim Royal Airways (Rheim Royal) with hubs in all 3 national airports

Political System

Rheim Maark is a democratic monarchy, where the King is the Head of State and he appoints Prime Minister. Government is chosen in direct elections and is a equal representation on all the parts of the country. Parliament has got 150 members, 20 from each principality, 5 from the Crown Lands and 5 from the Autonomous Region. A lot of country wide, important decisions are made by people in the nationwide referendums. Taking part in Elections and Referendums are obligatory for every citizen that is over 18 years old, in some cases over 16 years old.

  • Government
Coordinates and executes works of Parliament.
All ministers are appointed by the Prime Minister, but they have to be approved by the King and the Parliament in a special voting session after each a new Government is being chosen. Each minister has than got a ministry to take care of.
Prime Minister is representing the Parliament to the King and plays a role of a communication point between the both. Prime Minister works very closely with the King. King is the most important person in the Kingdom and all the new laws, treaties and changes into legislation must be approved by him before they are implemented. Government is however responsible to make sure King is not acting above the laws.
Government is chosen for a 5 year run, each MP's salary is public and they need to disclose the wealth report before starting their term. The same rule applies to the Ministers and the Prime Minister.
  • Prime Minister
Appointed by the King and it needs to be chosen from current or newly elected MP's. can be chosen for maximum of 4 terms (20 years), it is elected this many times to be MP. It plays the role of coordination and communication point between The King and the Parliament. Represents The King where The King can not attend. It updates the King on the Parliament's work progress and serves as King;s most valued adviser.
  • Political Parties
Rheim Maark do not have any political parties. If a citizen want's to become a Member of Parliament, needs to register at least 6 months before scheduled Parliamentary Elections with the Parliament Regulation Commission, get signatures from at least 40% of the local citizens and be at least 20 years old, the day before the Elections.
  • Parliament
King's Parliament is chosen in nationwide, direct and obligatory elections every 5 years. Anyone can become a MP (see above) as there is no political parties. Once a Parliament is chosen and the Government is being approved MP's have a special session where they set the List of Priorities, which is a working plan for Parliament. This needs to be reviewed every 6 months and updates must be given on progress of works on each Priority and new ones can be added. Each MP can be chosen for maximum of 4 terms (20 years in total). Being MP is a full time job and coming into Parliament sessions is obligatory for each MP, unless there is a valid reason for absence. More then 2 unexcused misses session results in money penalty for up to the whole monthly salary.
  • Tax system
Everyone is paying taxes in the country. All citizens pay standard and flat 19% tax of their salary, 5% tax for public health and contribute to their pension scheme as much as they wish to, but at least a minimum of 5% of their salary.
Enterprises are taxed depending of their revenue at 20% or 40% of their income. There are tax discounts for start ups and for new companies that would choose their HQ in the country for first 5 years and than competitive tax for another 5 years.
King's income from private owned land and properties is being taxed as every other citizen. King is granted a yearly Royal Grant that covers his official "Head of State Household". This covers official travel, running his Head of State office, and running his official seat which is Royal Palace in Rheimhaavn. Royal Household is being paid by the King from his private income.
VAT does not exists on products made in the country. VAT can be taxed on products that are being imported from countries where Rheim Maark does not have the official trade treaty signed.