Rickorack Plateau

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Mt. Polashin in the Rickorack Plateau.

The Rickorack Plateau is a high Plateau on the border between Pretany and the Pretanic Faction State. The Rickorack Plateau is part of the Great rift event geological area, formed due to high stress folding and uplift between faults branching away from the Great Rift Sound. The name Great rift event geological area continues in some usages, although it is today considered geologically imprecise as it combines features that are today regarded as separate, although related, rift and fault systems, including the Pretanic Lake in the Inara Basin, an ancient volcanic caldera that was involved in the splitting of the continent. The great rift is subject to large but rare rift earthquakes. The highest peak on the plateau is Mt. Polashin at 5444 feet, a lone strata-volcano. The entire plateau, although naturally wilderness, is within the Rickorack Reserve, a royal conservation effort put in place in 1940, along with the Borderlands Wilderness and Antigo Moors Royal Park to avoid urban development near the politically and militarily volitile Pretanic Faction State. The entire Plateau is mostly wooded wilderness near the militarized Redbud Compounds on the border.