Riffezaad (Bloregia)

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Line headers at end of motorway entering Riffezaad

Image: Direction signs above lines at end of motorway entering Riffezaad from N/W

Riffezaad (officially Riffezaadens locilang, "The Municipality of Riffezaad") is the 3rd most populated city in Bloregia and a part of Triple City of Gaffelsbyen. Due to its position in the southernmost spot of Bloregia, it has become a center of international trade, communication and research competing with the capital Blöndel.

Riffezaad only became part of Bloregia after the 20th century wars, so it doesn't have many specific local traditions. In stead, it has become a touristic showcase of Bloregian culture in general, where traditions of different Bloregian counties are presented, mixed and developed into a unique blend, appreciated more by foreign tourists than Bloregians themselves. On the other hand, foreign influences and international trends often arrive in Riffezaad first and only later on in other parts of the country.

The most notable annual event in Riffezaad is Garrsurrtaimi, "The Bear Feast", in early August, when traditional bear stories from Bloregia and other Ursic Countries are played on stage in new versions in the summer theatre, while the nearby park is packed with venders of bear merchandize.

The Ursic University in Riffezaad is the 4th largest in Bloregia and concentrates in medicine, natural sciences and social sciences, while other fields of study are present in other parts of the Triple City.