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Romantian is a Mother Tongue belonging to the Romantish Branch of the Uletarephian language group. The Romantian script is derived from the Nortian alphabet. Romantian was originally spoken in northern Pretany by the Nortian Tribe, the largest and most influential of the Petty kingdoms of Pretany. The Nortian Tribe, although taking the claim of founders of the language, ethnic groups in Garlis, eastern Kalm, Vinnmark, southwestern Ísztianország and other parts of western Uletha also spoke variations with slight dialectal differences of Romantian. Each of these groups, specifically in western Uletha, evolved into their own language classifications. Darcodia, Ispelia, Karolia, Florescenta, and Vartasimalia were five countries already colonized during the prehistory of Pretany by the Nortian Tribe between 300-400 AD. The circumstances surrounding the ancient migrations were unknown, possibly a population explosion that required outward migration and over-consumption of resources during that time. Through the mass expulsions during Purgatio Nortia or the Notion Clearances, it became the dominant language, initially in Pretany and subsequently throughout various regions along the southern and eastern coasts of Uletha between 1039-1357 AD. Vulgar Romantian developed into the Romantish languages, such as Antharian, Aquérrese, Astur, Ataraxian, Auvernese, Castellanese, Catanese, Darcodian, Eustanese, Florescentian, Franquese, Garlian, Latinian, Romanish or Románš. Franquese was the largest linguistic group to branch away from Romantian during a second round of expulsions from Pretany between 1357-1700 AD. Several separate languages branched from Romantian in the 4th century AD during a undocumented time in Pretanic history. These were tribal migrations west through Kalm. Romantian is no longer spoken in Pretany, and Franquese became a minority language after the Ingerish Penal Trade Agreement of 1765.