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RoseMax Superstores is a relatively new chain of Freedemian superstores owned by Rosemax LLC, formerly known as HalfnHalf Superstores. The relatively new stores (the format started in late 2014 as a trial in Franklinsburgh) are a large competitor to All-n-One and Freedemian locations of Gigante and consist of a Rose Market supermarket and a Home&Closet discount store under the same roof.

Rosemax/Homeway Merger

In 2014, Rosemax LLC, owner of Rose Market and Xtramart, bought Homeway LLC, owner of Homeway, Burts Outlet, and Home&Closet discount department stores in an effort to better compete with larger companies like All-n-One. The purchase paved the way for the creation of HalfnHalf Superstores, which would take a Rose Market and a Home&Closet (the most successful of the Homeway chains) and put them under the same roof.


In late 2014 the new company launched a new store layout with a new location in Franklinsburgh under the name Half and Half. By 2016 the store model had expanded and the branding had become HalfnHalf, perhaps to compete with All-n-One. The stores put a full sized Rose Market and a full sized Home&Closet under the same roof, combined providing options similar to those provided by All-n-One in a smaller setting. The chains to this day have been quite successful.

Unique Format

Unlike All-n-One, HalfnHalf had embraced the idea of having multiple stores under its roof. A full sized Rose Market and a full sized Home&Closet would be located in the same building under the HalfnHalf branding umbrella. Due to this design, HalfnHalf could fit into smaller areas that All-n-One's wouldn't be able to, or even use existing strip mall space when possible.

Rebranding as RoseMax

However, the idea of keeping the stores separate under the same roof would become an issue. While the HalfnHalf concept was originally for originality, it made the chain sound inferior to other superstores and made it seem more like two seperate inferior stores in one place. In the rebranding as RoseMax Superstores, Rosemax saw the need to same a more seamless format to compete better. Under the new model, one side of the store will remain the Rose Market supermarket side and the other will remain the Home&Closet side. However, both sides will have a unified design and the overall branding on both sides will be RoseMax. Rose Market and Home&Closet will act more as branding for each section, instead of operating as two stores in one building. The separate smaller names (Rose Market and Home&Closet) will be removed from the outside of stores and from exterior signage. The new RoseMax logo uses the same styling as the Rose Market logo, so it will remain very recognisable. However, Home&Closet will remain on the signage in a smaller size as a sort of subtitle to remind shoppers that the RoseMax brand includes more than the Rose Market grocery options.

Rosemax-Homeway LLC chose the name RoseMax because it was recognisable as part of the Rosemax brand and as a sister store of Rose Market,while having the feel of a larger superstore/hypermarket. By keeping small-sized Home&Market signage on the outside, shoppers would remember that Home&Closet products are also sold inside.


Rosemax LLC technically attempted to create something very similar to today's HalfnHalf/RoseMax before the merger by creating RoseSuperstore in 2010 in Franklinsburgh. The pilot location put a Rose Market and an Xtramart under the same roof; however the location flopped within a year as Xtramart was more like a large Dollar Central than a full fledged department store.


Like Rose Market, and the few other existing Rosemax-owned stores, the slogan for RoseMax is Savings in Bloom.