Royal Parks of Pretany

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The Kingdom of Pretany has a Royal Park department that has been in charge of conservation the kingdoms natural wildernesses since 1760. The department is headquartered in St. Richards. The parks have been traditionally funded directly through the royal treasury, and not by tax.

List of National Parks in Pretany

Name Date of foundation Location Visitors per year
Great Southern Highlands 1903 Trinity
Rickorack Reserve 1940 Firgotonus
Northeastwall Militarization Reserve 1940 South Grave, North Grave
Northwall Militarization Forest Reserve 1820 Trembly, Croxtonshire
Rakow Hills 1966 North Grave
Revilick Royal Park 1945 East Emporium, Blackumbria
Saphire Moors 1860 West Emporium
Dags Wetland Royal Reserve 1860 Blkackumbria
Eden Fen 1920 East Emporium
Selby Highlands 1930 Augustside
Elliot Hills 1920 Drambia, Croxtonshire
Riptide Royal Forest 1920 Drambia
Rochwell Park 1860 Claydonshire
Union Hills 1920 Pretanland
Vale Hills 1920 Pretanland
Sandy Point Royal Park 1920 Baxtalside
Great Range Royal Park 1913 Great Richards, Pretanland
Borderlands Wilderness 1940 Great Richards
Continental Divide Reserve 1940 Great Richards
Cliff Drop Royal Park 1913 Great Richards
Antigo Moors Royal Park 1940 Trinity
North Fritz Cliff Zone 1913 Pretanland, Trinity
Yualla Range 1880 Trinity
Gadna Vast Wilderness 1940 Trinity
Continental Divide Park 1984 Westwall, Kongrath
West Great Range Park 1880 Pretanland
Guchi Lake Reserve 1920 Westwall
Dreamclyffe Forest 1920 Westwall
Westwall Reserve 1920 Barsas
Walden Moor Royal Park 1865 Barsas
Royal Forest of Stribengrad 1865 Barsas
Moutain Gate Lake Reserve 1850 Mountain Gate