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12, 37.8046, 101.0107
Ciudad de Rugénia
 • Province3band midist.png Rugenia
Ethnic Groups90% Castellanese, 8% "Germanic", 1% Goytakano, 1% Others
DemonymRugenian (colloquially: Rugenios)
 • Mayor(TBD)
Elevation15 m
 • Census (2014)541.657
  • 3 BRT routes
  • xx urban routes
  • 8 road routes

Rugenia is the capital of province of Rugenia and the greatest city of Midistlandese East Coast, on Kaspen Sea side.




Is known around 1800 there was a hispanic village called Paglobeclaca inhabited by indigenous people. It was a important place to neighborhood, but, due economical problems, so much people migrates to the capital Bend and Reino de Paglobeclaca (Today Esthyra) started decreasing importance.

In 1902, the brothers Dietrich and Dietmar von Rugen, from the west and germanic coast of UL031, arrived in the old city, creating a industrial district in Santa Sofia neighborhood. In 1908 the economy of the city was better and the Rugen brothers decided creating too a harbour, increasing more the economy.

Dietmar died in 1948 and Dietrich, in 1956, had left the city so much better than they arrived. As homage, the mayor Nardo Núñes and the city council decided change the name of the city to "Rugenia".




Rugenia is linked to another regions and the capital by five highways. A city ring is been under construction in west side, and  A9  passes through the urban area of Rugenia.

Road From → → To Notes
 A9  Autopista de la Costa Este Rugenia, RG  A2 , Ispelia flag.png Ispelia border following the east coastline
 N50  Preciosa, RG  N60 ,  N75 , Itleway province to south UL031
 N95  Carretera de la Costa Este Cereceda, RG  A2 , Ispelia flag.png Ispelia border following the east coastline via Puerto Bahia, Isla del Oro, Arrecife
 N36  East Road  N95  Junction  A10 , Bend, Región de la Capital via Talamanca, RG
 XX  Rugenia, RG → 16 de Julio, UL030 border via Rivera del Sur following the southeast coastline
 XX  Cereceda, RG → south Rugenia Rugenia City Ring
Buses are the most usual transportation in Rugenia.

The most common transportation (TBD)


The Aeropuerto Internacional de Rugenia (map) is located in Isla de Trinidad, east Rugenia, served with domestic flights to the capital Bend and Margarath, and internationals to Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon and some Reeland flag.svg Reeland cities.


Rugenia is a important port in East Coast, and fron there goes ferry routes to Mustatshafen, (Reeland flag.svg Reeland) and, inside country, to Talamanca. The port is located on Canal de Este`s mouth (map).


In Rugenia is located the UniCosta (Universidad de Costa Este) (map), the most important education institute in all East Coast.

Sports and leisure


Football is the favorite sport of the rugenians. (TBD)

There are six professional clubs playing in several levels of the national championship.

Name City Colours Founded Ground Capacity Last Season Notes
Club Balompié Rugénia Rugenia, RG Dark Blue/ Yellow/ Black 1957 Estádio xx (map) 35.000 1º or 2º place (First level National League) (champion so much times)
FC Sanlúcar Rugenia, RG Garnet/ White/ Green 1970 Estádio xx (map) 20.000 (Second level National League)
Club Deportivo Satélite Rugenia, RG Blue/ Yellow 1968 Estádio xx (map) 19.500 (Second level National League)
Sportvereinigung (SV) Germania Rugen Rugenia, RG Black/ Green 1957 Estádio de La Figuera (map) 20.000 (Third level National League) Club of the germanic community
Club Deportivo Paglobes Rugenia, RG Dark Blue/ Gold 1980 Estádio xx (map) 7.800 (Fourth level National League)
Fútbol Club Rosalia Preciosa, RG Red/ White/ Dark Blue 1975 Estádio xx (map) 6.700 (Fourth level National League)

Gridiron Football

Rugenia Real gridiron football team.

Rugenians also likes gridiron football, and there is one professional team in the city, the Rugenia Real. Known as "The purples" and "The real lions", Rugenia Real is famous because its purple shirts.

Despite the city symbol is a eagle, the logo of the team is a lion because (TBD)


Motor Racing

Autódromo Internacional de Rugenia (map) in Cereceda, north Rugenia, is famous and used in races to the domestic league from Midistland.


Club Náutico de Puerto Viejo (map) (TBD)




Playa de La Ballena in north Rugenia.
There are various touristic spots around Rugenia. To the south, there is the Zona de Proteción Ambiental de Rugenia Sur (map), a coastal natural reserve.

In the city and to north, more beaches can be mentioned too. The most famous ones are Gominolandia(map), south, and La Ballena(map), north. Even in Downtown, there is a beach with calm waters and several beach-sport grounds (map).

To the people prefers be away to the sea, a good place is the (mirante) in Monte Verde (map), and can not forget mentioning the Old City of Paglobeclaca (map), close to Downtown and Playa Central.

Culture and events


Sibling Cities

Rugenia has several sibling cities, as per the guidelines of Sibling Cities of the World:

Metropolitan Cities

There are two cities in metropolitan area of Rugenia.


Cereceda is a commercial point with influence along all north Rugenia. (TBD)