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Rumpgaard is town in a small exclave of Zylanda in Dandria at the coast south of Rensenbrink. The town has 102 854 inhabitants, the whole exclave 111 809. The exclave belongs to the zylandian province of Syd with the capital Rensenbrink. Beneath the town of Rumpgaard lay in the exclave the villages of Fatauheen and Tabea and some isolated farmyards. Rumpgaard is the second greatest town in the province Syd (after Rensenbrink). The name is the zylandian version of frenkisk "rampart guardins".

On map to see at 12, -14.8504, 116.7424

The town of Rumpgaard was founded 1720 by king Humbert (1698 - 1722) as a castle, to set a first step for the conquest of a part of the coast of Dandria. He and his son king Gerald II (1722 - 1739) did not have many succes with this plan. There are too few money and troups, to fight an ernest war. So only three small battles are fought 1719, 1723 and 1725, where the zylandian troops stay at the battlefield, but the dandrian troops in short time are filled up from other parts of the land and so at the end for king Gerald II the risk was too big, to be defeated. Long month both sides did nothing and 1726 they speak about peace.

Nevertheless the town of Rumpgaard survives as part of Zylanda in the peace treaty of 1730 with Dandria. One condition of the peace was, that all toll in Rumpgaard belongs to Dandria. So the inhabitants are citizens of Zylanda, but pay the indirect taxes to Dandria.

In the first time the town was only the 6 to 6 block of the old quarter. From the 1860 beginning - as Rumpgaard has its railway - more and more tourists come from Zylanda to the beach, because Zylanda has only few beaches. Therefore the town grow and with the tourists came more money in the town as with the canned fish and other small industry. So some parts of the town mainly around Tarephiallee and Ataraxiastroot have since the 1890ies a luxory touch. Here is the area of exclusive shopping.

The town has til today many of the frenkisk style of the zylandrian kings. The "Olln Kwadrat" or "Vieux Carrée" (old quarter) shows many of the atmosphere of the 18th century. This quarter was surrounded with a canal, but the southern and western parts now are broad boulevards.

Worth to see too is the great dune (108 m) at Fatauheen and a private museum of vintage cars there.

Well known Rumpgaard is now for his beach with fine white sand. At the "Corniche" a long row of exclusiv hotels is able to give the tourists all comfort. The famous great "Casino" is a magnet for tourists and well known for risky plays with no limit. The beach since 1973 is connected with a streetcar-line of 16 km in 1.00 m spur with the "Vieux Carrée", an attraction itself for the tourists. Here run some of the old cars of Cordoba in Latina.

Rumpgaard is connected with Zylanda with a railway-line along the coast of Dandria and with a car-ferry of Sardiin in Zylanda, to avoid the dandrian area. The small airfield at Fatauheen is served with 3 flights dayly to Elegantia, dayly to Charity in Zylanda, to the Ardisphare and touristic flights to Latina and other countries most in Archanta.