Sãikyel City

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14, 42.23185, 126.14430
Sãikyel City
Sãikyel Sad
Provincial-level City
 • Mayor
 • Urban
 • Metro
 • City limits
 • Census3,435,100
MetroSãikyel City Metro

Sãikyel City (Sanain: Sãikyel Sad, Capital pronunciation /'sœykjæl sɑd/, Standard Sanain /'sɑːjkjɛl sɑd/) is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Sãikyel. It is one of the three provincial-level cities that form one-third of the provinces. The population at the beginning of 2016 was 3,435,100, 30.5% of the entire population of Sãikyel.


The city is divided into 20 boroughs (saddistriktet or ãibeset), which are further divided into neighborhoods (taigat).


Sãikyel City is the cultural center of Sãikyel. The largest cultural centers are located in the Kulturabeni, the Village of Culture.

The most boisterous part of the city is regarded by the youth to be the Entertainment Mile southwest of the center. This pedestrian street is lined with theaters and bars, as well as the only casino in the city. The pedestrian section of the Entertainment Mile ends at Kurudbin Square, at the junction of Vay Mehanor and Kuzkoãlee.

The largest entertainment district in Sãikyel City is the Bay Islands complex, off of the eastern coast of the central city. Served by 3 Sãikyel City Metro stations, it is made up of two islands and two peninsulas: Sãikyel Waterworld, The Bay, Sairena, and Yanile (also called South Beach due to its famous South Beach District). Home to four hotels, an arena, a water park, and an airstrip, the Bay Islands Complex is the premier tourist destination on the Sãikyel coast. Across the Byadguba Bay, the Waterside Square residential district, served by the S4 and S1 lines, has some of the most expensive real estate in the city, after Duyunsad and Dai Kazban Park.


The city is home to several famous malls. The largest of these is the Gastronomii center southwest of the center, connected by walkway to its sister mall, Manna Hava. The Gastronomii and Manna Hava retail centers are serviced by the Gastronomii station on line S5 of the Sãikyel City Metro.

Other malls include the Sãikyel Sapphire and Mudainehimu Yuk. Sãikyel Varvezyek Train Station operates a mall on its top floor called The Train Mall. The largest department store in the city is the BERNI flagship store at the intersection of Han Derbayekãlee and Ayarhabiãlee in Midtown.


Tourism makes up a large part of Sãikyel City's income. Along the coast, the Yellow Island Lighthouse on Yellow Island, nearby Gununure, the Bay Islands Complex, Hagdan Magurek, and the Along-the-River Promenade to the east of the city center have the heaviest flow of tourists. Numerous hotels, including the world-famous Hotel Pavyel-Korchagin at the intersection of two busy thoroughfares in the Greater Government Quarter district, dot the city. The extensive ferry network is statistically the most common means of transit by tourists.




The Sãikyel City Metro services the greater urban area and the city.


Tram lines form an extensive network through the center of the city and extend into most of the suburbs as well. All tram lines are run by SãiTrans as part of a system of metro connections.


The logo of the Sãikyel bus network

Bus transportation in Sãikyel is one of the primary modes of transportation throughout the city. All of the central city, as well as most of the suburbs and a large amount of settlements outside of the greater urban area, are accessible by means of bus, although trips through all three fare zones have a S̊0.30 tax added. Express buses run through the city center and in a ring around most of the inner city.

All bus journeys can be paid for at ticket vending machines at most major bus stops (such as at Sãikyel Varvezyek) or on the bus, but using the MetroNem card is cheaper. Fare rates for bus journeys are S̊0.60 using MetroNem in fare zone 1, S̊0.70 using MetroNem in fare zone 2, and S̊0.80 in fare zone 3, and rates for ticket purchases start at S̊0.80 in fare zone 1. All express bus journeys cost S̊0.50 with MetroNem and S̊0.75 without.

MetroNem cards, which are usable for all transportation in the city outside of countrywide train journeys, are purchasable at all S-service interchange stations (Panãgunas a Ergisy, for example) and at some tram stops.


The National Road System makes up the majority of arterial roads and highways around the capital city. The largest and main roads of the city are Rãvosmeãlee, Kekuleãlee, Medelbulevard, Varvezyekbulevard, Relkemisãlee, and Prins-Olaivadosãlee.