Sãikyel City Metro

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Sãikyel City Metro
Native nameSãikyel Sadey Metropoliten
OwnerRepublic of Sãikyel
Area servedSãikyel City
Number of lines7 heavy rail (S), as well as light rail countrywide service links (SUE), trams, and express buses; 4 aboveground (L) lines
Operator(s)Sãikyeley Transportãtkompãniya SBK
 Ladezinsyervisyet Sãikyeley SBK
Train length75 or 120 m (5 or 8 units)
Average speed275 km/h

The Sãikyel City Metro is the metropolitan rapid transit system serving Sãikyel City, the capital of the Republic of Sãikyel. Composed of seven underground lines (the "S" lines), four aboveground lines (the "L" lines), and numerous tram and bus connections, as well as several privatized railroads serving the Greater Sãikyel Area, it is the largest and most extensive public transit system in all of Sãikyel. All types of transportation in the metro system are currently undergoing extension.


Its underground portions are operated by Sãikyeley Transportãtkompãniya, while the overground "L" lines are operated by Ladezinsyervisyet Sãikyeley. The government of Sãikyel owns 25% of both companies.

The tram and bus lines are operated by SãiTrans as well, ever since the dissolution of the previous operator, Sãibustram.


S Lines

The S Lines ("S" for syezyel, meaning "under") form a branching network through the central city, three of them converging at Panãgunasy a Ergisy Station in the heart of Panãgunasy Square.

Line Symbol Route Map Length Number of Tracks Stations
S1 Lines1.png Ring around inner city [1] 2 22
S2 Lines2.png Yãgayos - Halednem [2] 2 9
S3 Lines3.png Panãgunas a Ergisy - Kulturabeni [3] 2 6
S4 Lines4.png Sairena - Sãikyel Saffir [4] 2 10
S5 Lines5.png Yokuldi - Gebeśpark [5] 2 15
S6 Lines6.png Dunyibi Sad - Halednem [6] 2 9
S65 Lines65.png

L Lines

The L Lines ("L" for lad, meaning "above") serve the suburbs and settlements beyond the center of the city. The L1 line connects to Sãikyel National Railways at the main train station of the city, Sãikyel Varvezyek.

Line Symbol Route Map Length Number of Tracks Stations
L1 Linel1.png [7] 2
L2 Linel2.png [8] 2
L3 Linel3.png 2
L4 Linel4.png 2
L5 Linel5.png 2