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The Sæterhriht under construction, 1922
Debating chamber of the Folclagu in Myrcia's Sæterhriht
The Sæterhriht (OGFmapicon.png 56.32805 N, 19.24302 E) is the parliament of Myrcia. It was founded by royal assent of Kynge Bede IV following the Rihtwísness referendum of 5 September 1910 which approved the new, democratic constitution for Myrcia. The first elections were held on 1 December 1911 and for the first ten years the parliament met in the chapter house of St Anselm Milkirk. The new parliament building was completed in 1922 on the Burhcomons in Dunwic. There are two chambers of legislature, the upper house of the Folclagu and the lower house of the Griðlagu.



The Folclagu consists of 114 Folclagu Folce (FF) who each represent an eard of the country. They are elected by means of First Past the Post and their purpose is to form a government, often by means of coalition. The Folclagu selects an Ealdor who is head of the government and they are responsible for constructing a cabinet of ministers. The current government is a colation of Wyrcend and Filiþléag a Mere which elected Bygett Lisedohtor to be Ealdor. The last Foclagu elections were in October 2016, the next ones will be in 2020.


The Griðlagu consists of 230 Griðlagu Folc (GF) who are elected by a system of proportional representation using a list system. The purpose of the lower houses is to act as a check on the executive functions of the Folclagu. All bills must be passed in both houses and, in addition, the Griðlagu holds the government to account by means of scrutiny committees, question sessions for government ministers and investigative sessions. The last elections to the Griðlagu were in 2014, the next ones will be 2018.