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The Séftnes (Ingerish: the quiet) is a creedless faith which is prominent in Myrcia. The Séftnes is founded on a commitment to shared quiet in worship and to living lightly on the earth. Members of the Séftnes meet in a Séftneshús which is often a simple building with one large room in which worship is held. There is no traditional hierarchy in the faith but each Séftneshús will have a group of members who are responsible for beginning and ending meetings of worship. It is estimated that approximately 35% of Myrcia's population are members of the Séftnes. The administrative centre is the Séftnes Centur in St Wulfram, Dunwic (56.3327 N, 19.24957 E) whilst the largest Séftneshús in which state funerals are held is the Myrcia Milén Séftneshús in Núburh, Dunwic (56.33956 N, 19.24922 E).



Æmettafést (24 December) is the Séftnes winter festival which takes place at a similar time to the Kirk Myrcia's Dréamhealdende. Members of the Séftnes gather together on common land (often on cliffs and beaches) to partake in a time of silent worship and thanks for the year past. After this a bonfire is lit and fish and potatoes are cooked for those gathered to share.