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SAI logo.png

SAI Aviation OV (Sairola Aeiro International) is an aerospace manufacturer based in Fontjäna, Karolia. It was founded in 1985 to design and manufacture the SAI 110, a 76-seat regional jet. The company currently produces the SAI 210 (a development of the earlier model) and larger 410 aircraft as well as having a 48% stake in Maal Aerospace OV who build light aircraft. They are also the wholesale owners of SAI Jets OV, a maintenance division; and SAI Thrust OV, an engine manufacturer.


SAI was formed in order to produce a new aircraft that would compete in the regional jet sector, which was expanding in the early 1980s. Up to this point most types of these aircraft had been turboprop powered but the company had been able to acquire a new design of small turbofan jet engine which could nearly match a turboprop's efficiency at the speed and altitude of short-haul flights, as well as climbing faster and being quieter.

SAI 110

The SAI 110 made its debut flight in 1987 and entered service with Majos Air the following year, with several other airlines also placing orders shortly afterwards. It had two turbofan engines mounted either side of the rear fuselage and a t-tail, and featured 2+2 seating with a crew of four and a range of 1520nm at 24000ft. Around 150 had been sold before production ended in 2000.

SAI 210

SAI 210 in the colours of Commonian Regional on take-off from South City Airport, Charlington, Commonia. Note that the aircraft, like all belonging to the airline, is registered to West Commonia due to the unstable political situation in Commonia proper.

The 210 family is a slightly enlarged and modernised version of the original 110 which was certified in 1998. The 210 has two extra rows of seats, taking the total capacity to 84 passengers and has more modern engines which provide a 30kt higher cruising speed at the same fuel burn. As of 2014, 136 airframes have been delivered.

SAI 410

The 410 is designed as a further enlargement and has a maximum of 96 seats in a stretched design as well as more powerful engines and a larger wing and tail. It first flew in 2005 and is in service with 15 airlines worldwide. 57 aircraft are currently in service with further orders still in production.


A completely new design family, the 240 series, was announced in 2009. It will be substantially larger and feature 3+2 seating with a capacity of 100-120 passengers and completely new engines which will be mounted under the wings. Several airlines have registered an interest in purchasing the jet, which is currently undergoing testing and first orders will be delivered in 2016. SAI have also announced two stretched versions which will be known as the 340 and 440, designed to compete in the mainline airliner sector as well as to still be economical as regional jets.

SAI 210 belonging to Air Karolia at Lapise Jaarve Airport. The aircraft has a forward- and outward-swinging main door to avoid obstructing the front cargo door and frontmost two rows of windows in an emergency, meaning that the airstairs cannot be fully locked into place until the door is open. The airline has also positioned the nameplate further forward than normal to avoid being obscured by the door.