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Saarmae is a state of Karolia consisting of six islands some 60km east of the capital, Säntjana. It was created in 1938 when the islands were granted their own parliament and Elector, having previously been part of Säntjana state. Its capital is Lía.



The southerly location of the islands gives them a hot climate all year around.


Saarmae, meaning 'island territory' was until unification in 1799 a self-governing group of islands largely unchanged since feudal times. The entire archipelago was ruled by a hereditary Duke. In 1806 the last Duke died and the islands joined the state of Säntjana, which set about modernising several areas with a view to using the islands as a naval and trade base. Lía was turned from a fishing village into a commercial harbour and a Karolian navy base established.

Government and politics

The islands, in common with all states of Karolia, have a state parliament and an Elector.


The islands' current flag was introduced in 1950, the state having used a plain blue flag up that point. The six stars represent the six islands.


Tourism and fishing are the main sources of income for the islands.


There are no railways on any of the islands. The only airport is Saarmae Lía, which due to its short runway handles a large number of small planes with passengers originating at larger airports on the mainland. In the cities, small minibuses and taxis are the main form of transport, along with bicycles and mopeds. Cars are not allowed on the smallest two islands, where bikes and horses/donkeys are still used.