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8, -39.75, 28.5
Fedärāl Tärā dá Sābéşéé
'Land of the Moon'
Moon Banner
Moon Banner
Sabishii within Paxtar
Located inPaxtar
Province Capital
and largest city
Official languagesPaxlinga
 Regional languagesNonish
Ethnic GroupsNonish
GovernorJohannes Shima
LegislatureProvincial Assembly
 Total204,947 km2
 High Point4,571m (Mt. Unmei)
 Low PointSea Level
AbbreviationsSI, SAB
PredecessorKingdom of Sabishii

Fedärāl Tärā dá Sābéşéé, commonly known as Sābéşéé or Sabishii, is a province located in northeastern Paxtar. It borders the Hesperic Ocean along the southern half of Joriku Bay to the Safrico river mouth, and extends to the northmost part of the country. It encompasses most of the Safrisco river drainage basin, and has the highest mountain in Paxtar, Mt. Unmei, at 4571 meters. Sabishii is bordered by Confracterra to the west, and Nordland and Costalta to the east and south. It is the second largest province in Paxtar with a land area of 201,911 km².


The coastal area of Sabishii enjoys a warm mild climate, while the interior is dryer and warmer.



Sabishii has historically been at odds with Confracterra and Costalta, due to a series of missteps with the former, and a rivalry with the latter. It has always enjoyed good relations with Nordland. Since becoming a member of the republic, old issues have been set aside, and Confracterrans and Sabishiians even jointly commemorate what they call Teiboku's War with fireworks and by throwing a weighted effigy of Teiboku II in to Joriku bay.


Sabishii has numerous tourist attractions, places of interest, and resort destinations.


Sabishii has a diverse economy with auto-manufacturing in the south, and aerospace, mining and agriculture in the north. Joriku, Suriribazu and Sukaidoa are popular tourist destinations, with Joriku known for its night-life.



The first Nonish settlers arrived in what would later be called Joriku bay during the 1400s, founding the settlement of Joriku. Subsequent groups, finding much of the easily arable land around the bay already claimed, moved further inland in to the unsettle interior which they called Sabishiitochi, the lonely lands. Expansion along the coast northwest of Joriku was hindered by settlements of Tenibri. Settlement to the south and east of what became known as the Safrisco river was discouraged by groups of Castellanese settlers, and the thriving settlement of Safrisco. The Nonish continued settling further up the river, eventually inhabiting most of the upper Safrisco River watershed.


Kichirou I
The Sabishiian Monarchy was founded by strongman Hiraku Kyofu in 1509, and lasted until the Great Quake killed most of the royal family in 1832. Originally autocratic, the monarchy quickly became weaker and less popular with each generation.

The ill-conceived, and short, war with Confracterra started by Teiboku II, not only antagonized the Confracterrans, but humiliated many Sabishiians and alienated them from the monarchy.

The monarchy was barely tolerated at the time of the Great Quake, and the actions of the last heir, resulted in his murder, and the end of the monarchy.

The Troubles

Joriku, the center of government and power in Sabishii, was heavily damaged during the Great Quake. The collapse of the government and monarchy lead to period of lawlessness and anarchy, with several regions declaring self-rule, some supporting the no-longer existant monarchy, while most of the south supported a succession of weak and ineffectual governments in Joriku.


After years of increasing strife, banditry and immigrants were crossing over in greater numbers in to neighboring Costalta and Nordland. In 1856, troops from the Paxtaren Federation, excluding troops from new member Confracterra, entered Sabishii to restore order. Sabishii was declared a protectorate, and annexed. Martial law was imposed, and after two years, a level of calm was reached.

Martial law was lifted in 1866, after the establishment of a provisional territorial government.


In 1871, the still-provisional Sabishiian government, influenced by the Paxtaren government, proposed joining the Paxtaren Federation as a full member.

Rumors of impending annexation of large parts of Sabishiian territory by its neighbors, if Sabishii did not join the Paxtaren Federation, pushed many to support joining.

The rumors where caused primarily by Costalta pushing to annex the populated areas north of the lower Safrisco River. Much of that area later joined Safrisco, but not Costalta, leading to the situation where the City of Safrisco is located in two provinces.

In 1872, Sabishii joined the Paxtaren Federation, and in 1915 was one of the Paxtaren Republic's seven provinces.