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13, -6.4463, 125.2905
Valta Himbraturiyen pik Sādiema̋rkt
Market City
 • PrefectureKoya
DemonymSādiyen (M)/
Sādiyenne (F)
 • Civic Councilor GeneralAriyenna Melakura
Elevation8 m
 • Census (2013)10,044,204
Metro12 lines

The correct title of this article is Sādiema̋rkt. It appears here incorrectly for technical reasons.

Sādiema̋rkt, officially Valta Himbraturiyen pik Sādiema̋rkt (Imperial City of Sādiema̋rkt), is the capital and largest city in Calliesanyo. Situated on the banks of the estuary of the Tennai and Mardirei Rivers, Sādiema̋rkt has been an important settlement since at least the 100s CE. Originally, the city was founded by the Aranki peoples as a fishing village named Porato.



While it is known that the original Aranki settlement was called Porato, as the current neighborhood of the same location is, it is not known what name the city carried during the Sadẙ and Warring Tribes periods. Records from these periods have largely been lost due to the constant warfare of the latter, causing historians to posit various theories of the settlement's name, but having little to no proof from records to back their theories.

Sādiema̋rkt recieved its current name beginning in 1077, when General Ishanna Koloreck of the Byri tribe declared her Imperial Court, settling at the head of Bek Grikola. By Imperial Decree, a market was set up between Porato and the Imperial Court, which was given the name Sādẙrunfemarakta, meaning Market of the Sadẙ People.

First Empire

Second Empire

Early Third Empire

Modern Sādiema̋rkt


The Greater Sādiema̋rkt sub-prefecture is largely flat and low lying. Much of today's urban area was once marshlands, which have been drained over the years to allow for farming and later urban development. Three prominent rises contrast the generally flat landscape in the city; the Bosho Hills, the Yanato Hills, and the Central Koya Uplands. The Bosho and Yanato hills are independent massifs, with the Bosho reaching 298m, and the Yanato reaching 310m. Both of these hills districts are largely covered by protected lands, forming large green spaces in the center of the urban environment. The Central Koya Uplands forms the northern border of the sub-prefecture, and separates Sadiemarkt and the east coast of the Koya Peninsula from the coast of Endiri Bay.

Wards of Central Sādiema̋rkt

Central Sadiemarkt, that is, the City of Sādiema̋rkt proper, is divided into 18 wards, which function somewhat like independent cities. Originally created in 1909, the wards administer most of the 'city-level' government services for their residents, although some municipal services, such as sanitation, water, and fire control, are provided by the sub-prefecture.

Five of the 18 wards are located on the south side of the River Tennai, which places them de jure in Zovura Koya sub-prefecture. However, as wards of the City of Sadiemarkt, they are administered by Greater Sadiemarkt, while municipal services not provided by the wards themselves are provided by Zovura Koya.

The Wards of Sādiema̋rkt are:

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.

Independent Cities

Outside the wards of Central Sādiema̋rkt, Greater Sādiema̋rkt is divided into independent cities, which enjoy the same status as incorporated cities elsewhere in Calliesanyo.

The independent cities of Greater Sādiema̋rkt are:

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.



The Sādiema̋rkt is the main transportation hub of Calliesanyo. The Greater Sādiema̋rkt/Five Cities Regional Transportation Association oversees transportation in and around Sādiema̋rkt, Takata, Yzola Minha, Rin, and Fordenyaka.


Sādiema̋rkt has five major railway stations (Zeban Sadiemaraya, Jopongibosho, Great Northern, South Station, and East Coast) and a former terminal (West End), now a major junction station. All of Sādiema̋rkt's major stations are operated by TC Central.


First opening in 1911, Sadiemarkt has an extensive metro system, operated by Metira Sadiemaraya.




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