Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport

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Saindzaul AA.png
Z13, 36.1119 °N, 128.6506 °E
Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport
Saindzaul Asunahama Kukujai Kūnkō)
(national name)

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Basic information
Country Izaland National Flag.svg Izaland
City Sainðaul
Began operation 23 December 2014; 6 years ago (2014-12-23)
Time zone WUT+8
Elevation AMSL 4m
Passengers 68.3 million (2019)
Direction Length
tbd 3720 m
tbd 3710 m
tbd 3710 m
Number Length
Long distance train lines IZX, SATMEX
Suburban rail lines Jisakūn Line, Morikūn Line, La Piana Express
Metro lines Tsuruna Line, Urenosomi Line
Postcode 345-0882
Telephone +381 (0)21-400-2121
Website www.saindzaulairport.iz

Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport (安作崎空島國際空港 - Saindzaul Asunahama Kukujai Kūnkō) (WAAT: SUL, ANACA: DZSL) is the main international hub of Izaland, main hub for Izaland Airlines and Uletha Eastern Airways, serving all major international destinations worldwide.


The "Asunatotsu" bridge connecting the airport island with the mainland

The airport opened in 2014 on a 9 sq km artificial island offshore Kubori island to relieve the congestion of the former Sainðaul Tswankanami Airport, now reduced in size and used as a military base, and the Sainðaul Kanui Airport, located in the continental area of the city, now serving mainly domestic and short haul destinations.

Construction works

The genesis of this airport backs to year 1998, when the former international airport of Izaland, Sainðaul Tswankanami Airport started to show signs of saturation. Different projects were made about the location for a new international airport, including the expansion of the main domestic terminal of Kanui Airport. However, the promising growth of international flights pushed for a wider projects, so the idea of creating a wide airport on an international island took over.

At first, there were different ideas for the location of the new airport, including near Kawayatsu or Sabullan. However, the Ministry of Infrastructure, asked, in 2001, to locate the new airport possibly along the route of the newly to be built high speed railway (the Sainðaul - Warohan Saikai Line), so an area in Komokata Prefecture, about 2,4 km offshore between Riimibaiken and Chikawari was chosen, due to the low depth of the sea (not more than 35 m in the deepest area). Particular attention was made to avoid endangering the reef located in the area.

The preliminary project was ready by september 2005, and the complete financing of the airport, including the undersea high speed railway, was done by spring 2007. Building works started finally in 2008, first by landfilling the area to create the island. At the same time, tunnel boring machines started digging the two single tracked 18,7 km tunnels from Komokata to Chikawari area, and the HSR station was nearly completed by 2012. The last two years were taken to complete the construction of the airport terminal itself.

In 2017, due to the increasing low cost flights, especially by the growing IzaFly low cost carrier, a new terminal was built on the southern area of Asunahama island. The terminal behaves actually as a satellite building, as everyone needs to pass through the check in and immigrations of the main building. The transfer to the low cost terminal is guaranteed by a inter-terminal people mover.


View of the inside of the airport

Since the landfilling of the airport island has been one of the biggest project in Izaland, at an estimated cost of about 18 billion USD, a symbolic name was chosen fo the island, calling it Asunahama (空島, asunahama), meaning "sky island". This name was also chosen to call the airport itself.

Airlines and destinations


Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport, as the name suggests, is mainly intended for international flights use. Due to the limited extension of Izaland, domestic travel is mainly satisfied by high speed rail (whose trains also stop in the underground passing station), allowing code-shared trains to reach the center of Sainðaul and all the major cities in Kubori island.

A limited number of domestic flights, usually one in the morning and one in the evening however are available from Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport to a selected number of domestic destinations to allow a smoother transit according to the peak departures/arrivals of intercontinental flights.

Here is the list of the flights:

  • To/from Warohan (WRH): 2 am flights and 2 pm flights (each by IZ and UE, for a total of 8 flights per day)
  • To/from Daishin (DAI): 1 am and 1 pm flights (each by IZ and UE, for a total of 4 flights per day)
  • To/from Isadashi (ISA): 1 am and 1 pm flights (by IZ, 2 flights per day)
  • To/from Sagoma (SAG): 1 am and 1 pm flights (by IZ, 2 flights per day)
  • To/from Gaintei (GTN): 1 am and 1 pm flights (by IZ, 2 flights per day)
  • To/from Kikknās (KIK): 1 am and 1 pm flights (by UE, 2 flights per day)
  • To/from Kanlisahna (KLS): 1 am and 1 pm flights (by UE, 2 flights per day)

Domestic transit with the SATMEX

To transit to the farthest national destinations, or those located on islands, usually passenger need to move to Sainðaul Kanui Airport, located south-east the continental side of the city. To allow this transit they can use for free (as its price is included in the air ticket fare) the SATMEX shuttle, a train running on the high-speed line skipping all the stations in the middle, even Sainðaul central station, that reaches Kanui Airport in 35 minutes. Passenger's baggage is also transferred by the airport into the train's baggage wagon, so they do not need to worry about anything. However, immigration process (when entering Izaland or exiting Izaland) must be completed at Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport. The minimum connecting time using SATMEX is 120 minutes.


Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport is the main hub in Izaland for Izaland Airlines (IZ) and Uletha Eastern Airways (UE), offering a good hub and spoke solution for international aviation. The airport is also hub for the low cost carrier IzaFly, flying from the Low Cost terminal, opened in 2017 on the southern area of the airport.

Flight destinations
City WAAT Country Continent Operating airlines Airport Remarks
Adventikum ??? Flag of Alved 3.png Älved Uletha Uletha Eastern Adventikum Aggustia International Airport
Anderton AND Lost country.png Nordmark Uletha Uletha Eastern
Izaland Airlines
Anderton International Airport
Bos-Ville ??? Flag of BoisUnis.png Boscunis Uletha Mike Wings Samigne-Bosville International Airport
Bărădin BRD Flag of Antharia.png Antharia Uletha Izaland Airlines
Borodyn International Airport
Barnia BAR Flag of Castellan.png Castellán Uletha Izaland Airlines Aeroport Internacional de Bàrnia Via Maguériz
Erihents EHS Scandmark-flag.png Scandmark Uletha Izaland Airlines Erihents International Airport
Finkyáse FIN Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo Uletha KojAir Finkyáse International Airport
Fortuna FTN Ispelia flag.png Ispelia Uletha Izaland Airlines
Uletha Eastern
Aeroporto Intercontinentale di Fortuna-Starre
Hexagonia City HCB Flag of Tigeria.png Tigeria Tarephia Izaland Airlines
Nimiri Halaban
Hexagonia City International Airport
[[Mynninghamn] HBK Ostermark Flag.jpg Østermark Uletha Uletha Eastern Harboda Airport
Hreawirc WYN Flagwyster.png Wyster Uletha Uletha Eastern Yrvic Noraen International Airport
Jaka JAK Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo Uletha Uletha Eastern
Jaka International Airport
Jiemie LGD Ruoguovvás flag.png Ruoguovvás Uletha Izaland Airlines
Arctic Airways
Jaka International Airport
Kwaengdō KWD Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo Uletha Uletha Eastern Kwaengdō International Airport
Iola IOL MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia Uletha Izaland Airlines
Linreqiyan Peyan
Iola International Skyport
Latina LAT Latflag.png Latina Tarephia Izaland Airlines
Latzyl Air
Latina Airport
Maguériz MAG Flag of Castellan.png Castellán Uletha Izaland Airlines Aeropuerto Internacional de Maguériz
Majapura ??? Majesia flag.png Majesia Antharia Uletha Eastern Sultan Mustafa International Airport Subject to government approval
Nevensad NEV Saikyel flag.png Sãikyel Uletha Uletha Eastern
Air Sanain
Nevensad Tomasy Manganek International Airport
Norfield NRF Lost country.png Nordmark Uletha Uletha Eastern
Izaland Airlines
Anderton International Airport
Odrava DRA Drabantia flag.png Drabantia Uletha Uletha Eastern Václav Karel III. Airport Odrava
Porto Real POR Florescenta-flag.png Florescenta Uletha Izaland Airlines Porto Real International Airport
Pustabed ??? Flag of Brevinia.png Brevinia Uletha Mike Wings Pustabed Sabodfeld International Airport
Pyingshum PSM Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo Uletha Izaland Airlines
Uletha Eastern
Pyingshum International Airport
Quentinsburgh SBD FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia Tarephia FreedemiAir
Uletha Eastern
Sean Bond International Airport
San Martín ??? Walleanflag.jpg Wallea Antharia Izaland Airlines
Uletha Eastern
Raja Damai International Airport
Säntjana SNT Karolia flag.png Karolia Uletha Izaland Airlines
Air Karolia
Uletha Eastern
Säntjana Anola-Fiorii
Stanton STI Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Archanta Izaland Airlines
Federal Airlines
Uletha Eastern
Stanton International Airport
Stanncatt STC Mergany Flag.png Mergany Uletha Uletha Eastern
International Airport Stanncatt
Steingart STG Schwaldia-flag.png Schwaldia Uletha Izaland Airlines Steingart International Airport
Suursari SUU Eelannin lippu.png Eelanti Uletha Izaland Airlines
Air Eelanti
Uletha Eastern
Suursaari Airport
Tarsinar DDA Flag of Demirhan Empire.png Demirhanlı Devleti Uletha Izaland Airlines
Demirhan Airlines
International Airport of Sultan Selim
Torre TRG Ispelia flag.png Ispelia Uletha Izaland Airlines Aeroporto di Torre Grovina
Tauantua TVU Tavauru flag.png Tavauru Uletha Izaland Airlines
Asperic Airlines
Tauantua International Airport
Vasireii VAS Karolia flag.png Karolia Uletha Air Karolia Vasireii Liasú International
Velin VEL Slavonia-flag.png Slavonia Uletha Uletha Eastern Velin International Airport
Verena VNA Vartasimalia flag.png Vartasimalia Uletha Uletha Eastern Aeroporto Verena Assiema
Viljanni PTR Viljanni Flag.png Viljanni Uletha Izaland Airlines
Uletha Eastern
Air Velin
Viljanni International Airport
Wallawaukee WFF Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Archanta Izaland Airlines
Foley-Fillmore International Airport
Winburgh WIN Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland Uletha Izaland Airlines
Uletha Eastern
Winburgh Sandell International Airport
Wiwaxmouthe WXP Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia Uletha Izaland Airlines
Uletha Eastern
Air Wiwaxia
Wiwax-Pargiter International Airport


Inside the airport transit station

Road access

The airport island is connected to the mainland by a 2,1 km steel and concrete, theAsunatotsu bridge (meaning "Sky Bridge"). The bridge is connected to the Keishin Expressway via the Asunatotsu IC. It is also possible to access to the airport island via a freeway.

Rail access

The airport boasts a transit center offering interchange between 2 subway lines, 5 railway services (including the Airport Express and the high speed railway. The hub station of Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport is located underground, between the parking area and the airport main terminal itself. Access to the arrival lobby is guaranteed by a gentle slope with mobile walkways, while the access to the 4th floor departure lobby is helped by escalators and direct lifts.

In 2018 opened a 35 minutes train service, the non-stop SATMEX (Sainðaul Airports Transit MegaExpress), allowing hassle-less transit between intercontinental and domestic flights at Kanui Airport (the train takes to Osenude station, from which mobile walkways lead to the terminal).

Adjacent stations

(Sainðaul Kanui Airport)
Sainðaul Airports Transit MegaExpress Terminus
Sainðaul - Warohan Saikai HSR Line
Niji-Sainðaul Illena La Piana Matu
Niji-Sainðaul Taju Pyanuza Matu
Niji-Sainðaul Dopu Totsushei Matu
Niji-Sainðaul Ubai Shin-Kichatsura
Airport Express
Airport Town - Terminus
Jisakūn Line
Morikūn Line
Airport Town - Terminus
La Piana Express
Bibaisone - Terminus
Tsuruna Line
Urenosomi Line
Airport Park - Cargo Center