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12, -46.1732, 43.8753
Saint Almath
Barony of Saint Almath
Flag of Saint Almath
"How Our Brave Walls Still Stand"
Oh Saint Almath's Walls Stand
and largest city
Saint Almath
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesLonish, Almathi Dialect
DemonymAlmathi, Saintalmathi
 • Minister PresidentStallman Reign
 • Council HeadEric Breight
 • Total138.39 km2
CurrencyWinnster Mearing (WMR)
Drives on theright

Saint Almath, (Aeránanue: Almach Hech) , is a former micro-country in Antarephia, which formally became part of Winn as a full fledged barony in 2003. Previously, it had been lodged in the border between Lons and Winn. While the barony has its own ceremonial government, the vast majority of the governmental work in the barony is equal to that of the other baronies in Winn. It is the smallest barony in the country. The capital city is Saint Almath City.

History and Toponymy

When the city of Grimm grew to power in the region, in the 1700s, it quickly became established as a stable city state in an otherwise rather tumultuous area - solidly in the region of conflict between the newly united nation of Lons, the domineering Winn, and Thysthian people, struggling for recognition. The one unifying factor in the region however, was the religion under the Heltavanian Christic Church, and, seeing as the independence and neutrality of Grimm was uncontested, the church decided the bishop should find his seat for the clergy in Grimm. A cathedral was built and named for local saint Al Matz Grimmen, who had lived in the city in the 1300s, and was buried there. The name of this cathedral would over time become synonymous with the city, and the city state. In 1842, although not invited to participate in the creation of the treaty, the Treaty of Âlesiâ saw the city state, indicated as Sînî Âlmâz and as Saint Almaz in Lonish and Ingerish, reassured of its independence and had its borders solified. With the Treaty of Kingbury, in 1844, the city state, whose borders were before this point confining the country to barely more than the city itself (including Saintschurch), gained a reasonable amount of territory, roughly extending the borders to their current state. Additionally, the bishops residence in Elm Estate, was declared to be part of the new country as well, as an exclave, within the newly formed country of Thysthia. Of all countries that were formed by the Treaty of Kingbury, Saint Almath stayed as an independent nation the longest, Thyscia dissolved in 1848, Thysthia in 1853 - while the western half of the country was already annexed by Lons in 1851, and Saint Simon becoming a barony of Winn in 1950 - Saint Almath remained a fully independent country until 2003, when by a referendum, 62% of the population voted in favor of becoming a semi-autonomous country within Winn.


The flag of Saint Almath, the country is identical to that of the city and can be described as a tricolore, with a blue lane flanked by two red lanes. In the left red lane, a white cross, and in the right red lane, a white star. Officially described, the blue and red stand for the colors of Saint Almath of Grimmen's dynasty. The cross indicates the presence of the cathedral, and the star was added in 2003, indicating the country having joined with Winn.


Administrative Divisions


With the introduction of the municipal law in 1893, following after Winn's municipal law in 1892, Saint Almath was divided into 16 municipalities. After many municipal reforms, 5 remain today, City, Martin's Land, Humsby, Buthgate, and Key and Temple.





The currency used in Saint Almath is the Winnster Mearing. Prior to 1944, Saint Almath used its own currency, the Almathi Guilder.




Within Saint Almath, Ingerish is the national language. However, especially near Saint Joseph and Connor, and in rural areas all around the country, Thysthian is a commonly spoken language.




Road transportation


There is one highway, officially a highwayroad, that goes through Saint Almath - the N14, which turns into a proper highway near the barony border. It has three exits in Saint Almath before continuing into Lons as the I-06 towards Inosêm - between Saint Almath City and Humsby, between Saint Almath City and Saintschurch, and near Connor. Additionally, part of the ring road around the city is also commonly referred to as a highway, although the speed limit here is 75km/h and it's not officially a highway.

Provincial roads

Several barony roads lie within Saint Almath. Interestingly, these haven't been formally integrated into the Winnster provincal road network, and are numbered differently - instead of Saint Almath being part of the typical network of grouped baronies, A-XX is used to name them instead.

Name From Through To
A-1 Winnfort Buthes, Oldtree, Buthsway, City, Saintschurch Dennic
A-2 City Templeton, Grimarch Playsworth
A-3 City Templeton, Keye Heavenshome
A-4 City Humsby, Middlely Inning
A-5 City Newcrosses Connor
A-6 Buthsway Connor Saint Martin
A-7 Point Inning, Dennic Saint Martin
A-8 Keye Heavenshome Buthes
A-9 Buthes - Buthes Border Crossing (Lons)
A-15 Playsworth Chappel, Humsby, Saintschurch Connor

The A-15 is the only one that is named oddly, as it describes a route that approximately follows the route of the N14, between all three of its exits in the country, and doesn't quite qualify to be a "proper" provincial road.

Rail transportation

Historically, railway companies from both Lons and Winn have been allowed to run a service into the country. The Lonish corporation LH, operates a line from Estên Misuî Station to Buthes-Saint Almath Station, barely across the border near the village of Buthes. From Buthes, a shuttle bus takes passengers to the city. From the Winnster side, an intercity train travels between Saint Almath and Giddham, through Kingbury, and once and hour, a sprinter train from New Kingsgrove into Kingbury will continue towards the central station, stopping at Chappel Humsby and Homestead intermediately.

Air transportation

Water transportation





Film and media

FlagSaintAlmath.png Municipalities of Saint Almath FlagSaintAlmath.png
Buthgate · City · Humsby · Key and Temple · Martin's Land

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