Saint Mark

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7, -28.440, 45.352
Kingdom of Saint Mark
Reino de San Marcos
Bandera de San MarcosCoat of arms of Saint Mark
FlagCoat of arms
"San Marcos sea nación siempre"
La marcha de San Marcos
Official languagesCastellanese
 • Regional languagesSawiri and Holmic
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 • King
 • President
LegislatureSaintmarkin Courts
CurrencySaintmarkin mark м (MSM)
Drives on theright

Saint Mark, officially the Kindgom of Saint Mark, is a transcontinental country, member of the Tarefia Cooperation Council, which form of government is the parliamentary monarchy. Its territory, with capital Lucero, is organized in X royal regions and one overseas region, formed in turn by x provinces and one royal city.

Saint Mark is located both in the north of Antarefia and south of Tarefia. In Antarefia, it occupies most of the Reche peninsula, area known as the peninsular territory along with the islands of Arxabila, in addition to the island of Curatón, located on the coast ???. To the west on the continent of Tarefia is the region of The Absinthe between ??? and Ataria. In addition, to the northwest the peninsular territory is the associated free principality of Sawira, connected to the rest of the country by an isthmus.