San Jorge

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OGFmapicon.png 29.7453 S, 173.4473 E
San Jorge

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Municipality in Principado de Vega
Status Provincial Capital
Province LosLagosFlag.PNG Los Lagos
Elevation 621 m
Area 30 m2
Demonym Georgino
Population 302,601 (2014)
Major airport Aeropuerto Los Lagos - San Jorge
National Highways  A2   A29 
Train Station San Jorge EC

San Jorge is a city in the highest River Vega valley, on the northwestern shore of Lago Mayor, the first lake River Vega, surrounded by the highest mountains in Vega. San Jorge is the center of a urban area formed by other 15 municipalities with an approximate population of 700,000 inhabitants. The city used to be one of the less developed in the country due to isolation and cold weather in winter, until it was declared capital of the region of Los Lagos, epicenter of a winter sports area, and communications improved after the Montelobos Tunnel and the airport opened in the late 1980s. Now it is one of the wealthiest cities in the country, known for its quiet life.