Sanain language

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RegionSaikyel flag.png Sãikyel
Native speakers11 million (as of 2016)
2 million
Language familyUletarephian
Early formsProto-Uletarephian
  • Old Sanain
    • Middle Sanain
      • Sanain
Writing systemRomantian script
Signed formsSigned Sanain
Official status
Official language inAN Flag.png Assembly of Nations
EUOIA Flag proposal2.png EUOIA
Saikyel flag.png Sãikyel
Regulated bySanain Aveninstitut

The Sanain language (Sanain: Sanain duna) is the official and most widely spoken language in the Republic of Sãikyel. Sanain is a Uletarephian language, but occupies its own language group, as it cannot be placed with other Uletarephian languages. Cognates like tek, korr, and en to Ingerish "thick", "horn", "in"; and puda, vid to Zylandian "foud", "woda", among others, confirm that Sanain is distantly related to other languages. Before the 1940's, it was thought that Sanain was a language isolate.

Almost 95% of the population of Sãikyel speaks Sanain, with a further 2 million as L2 speakers in surrounding countries. It is the diplomatic language of the government of Sãikyel as well.


Sanain uses the Latin alphabet, along with the special letters ã, ś, and ź, representing the phonemes /aː/, /ʃ/, and /ʒ/. The last two sounds are written as either the accented letters or as s and z, but only after i and e, or at the end of a word:

Not haś but has, pronounced /haʃ/. Not eźin but ezin, pronounced /ɛʒin/.

However, "s" or "z" followed by a "y" (sy, zy) after e and i is pronounced /s/.

Not kapas but kapasy; /'kapaʃ/ vs. /'kapas/. Not hãrbez but hãrbezy; /'haːɾbɛʒ/ vs. /'haːɾbɛz/.

For example, the ancient name of Sãikyel City, "Varvezyek", is pronounced /'vaɾ.vɛ.zɛk/ (/ʋaɾ.ʋɛ.zɛk/ or /ʋaɾ.ʋɛ.ðɛ(g)/ in capital city pronunciation), not /'vaɾ.vɛ.ʒɛk/ or /'vaɾ.vɛ.zjɛk/.

The character ã signifies both a lengthening of the vowel a and the shifting of stress onto the syllable containing the ã, even though Sanain generally puts stress on the first syllable of the word:

Yaran, /'jaɾan/, vs. yarãn, /ja'ɾaːn/. Kudalmahadek, /'kudalmahadɛk/, vs. kudãlmahadek, /ku'dalmahadɛk/.

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