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Sanata is the capital and largest city of Wenesinia. It is located at the southern tip of the largest island in the country, Huaweia. Sanata is the economic, cultural, and historical center of Wenesinia, and serves as a hub for transportation, commerce, and higher education in the country. Notable places in Sanata include the Parliament of Wenesinia, Koawall Beach, the Sanata Main Station for railway and subway transportation, the neighborhoods of The Quadrants and the Ghoti District, the University of Sanata, and Sanata International Airport. Indeed, thanks to its central role and placement in the country, every neighborhood of Sanata is said to have its own flare, with a unique history and culture.

As Sanata's airport is by far the largest airport for both national and international travel in Wenesinia, it is also immensely popular among tourists, not only as the start of a round-country cruise, but also for people wishing to experience some of the best culture and cuisine the country has to offer, all in one city.

Sanata is the only city in the country to have a light-rail system, running mostly underground from the Sanata Main Station, in three directions; north-west (to Sanhi), north, and north-east (to Sanata Int. Airport). It also runs under the old city. This, coupled with the nation's only railway-line, which runs along the west-coast of Huaweia, substantial highway connections to the rest of the island, the largest ferry port in the country, and the largest container port in the country, makes Sanata an easy city to get to, considering the isolation of Wenesinia in the middle of the Asperic Ocean. Substantial new developments throughout the second half of the 20th century, and the 21st century, has also raised the living standards of the entire city, which is one of the most densely populated cities in the country.