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Map of Sanchez County within Sierra.png

Sanchez County is a county in the F.S. state of Sierra. Sanchez County is located in the east of the state and is the least populpous in Sierra, with 3200 inhabitants. The county seat is Caldwell. It is also the lest densely-populated county in the state, with just over half a person per square kilometer.


The largest town in the county is Caldwell, founded in 1909. It has about 1450 inhabitants. Caldwell is often grouped in a conurbation with Guerrero (Estancia County); within the greater area (a distance of 23km from end to end), over 11,00 people reside.


Most of the county's economy is centered around farming.


The county has one intrastate and several county routes. FS-80 also traverses the county, in the central portions.

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