Sandra Cruz

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Sandra Cruz - born 1988 in Gentofte - is a latinian football-player. After some different clubs now she plays for FC Juniores Sur in Latina (Cidudad) as forward in the first mens league. In the last season she set the ball in the net 16 times and was so the second best scorer of the club. It get some struggles, til it was accepted by the latinian football association, that she may play in the mens club. Her lawyer makes clear, that in the constitution of Latina discrimination of sexe is not allowed. So she can earn more money as in a team of women.

With special allowness of the OGFIFA too she may play in the mens national-team of Latina. So she runs til now 16 times in black and white on the grass and shot 9 goals for Latina. In the womans-team of Latina she plays 77 times with 54 goals.

Til now Sandra Cruz is the only woman in Latina, which plays in the mens league. Some other woman had tried, to go her way - but on short or long the clubs find a man, who was better at her position.