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15, -17.7147, 21.4322
 • ProvinceIllion
 • Official nameVille de Sansévérina
DemonymVérissanois / Vérissanoise
 • MayorPatrick de Boétie
 • Estimate (2014)450 000
Postal Code13100-13150-13200

Sansévérina is a municipality in the province of Illion in Broceliande. It is the second city of the Troie Metropolitan Area and the forth of Broceliande by population within city limits.

Boulevard de la Bourse in the 1920ies
rue Carmaux in the Bourse district
Gare centrale, historical building (south entrance)
Gare de Porte Neuve


It is situated on River Eurotas (mainly on the right bank).


Sansévérina is the historical capital of the Illion Kingdom which was defeated by Broceliande in 1671 after the first Illion war. Between 1671 and 1790, Sansévérina was the capital of the Illion province (transfered in Troie in 1790).


Sansévérina counts about 450 000 inhabitants (stable since 1980ies).

The city inhabitants are wealthier than the national average. Particularily, the western suburbs are among the wealthiest in the whole country (Carré d'or, Etangs, Magalone).


An industrial city

It is an important industrial centre well connected to the port of Troie, motorways, railroads and to the TCS international airport. The nickname of the city is "La ville Laborieuse" (The working city).

Main activities are automotive, jewelry, cosmetics and food industry.

Raw materials stock exchange

Sansévérina is the seat of a famous gems market [].

It's a one the main places for diamonds, spahires and rubys trading, taking advantage of the Eurotas valley gems mines.

Worth to See

Sansévérina is a well preserved city with an intersting 19th century heritage. The main points of interest are:

  • The old city and the Saint Pierre Cathedral [1];
  • The stock exchange district and the gems and jewelry markets [2];
  • The Prince's Sanseverinian residence and its gardens [3];
  • The Saint-Matthieu Basilica and the point of view from the terrace [4];
  • La main d'Or gardens [5].