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OGFmapicon.png 34.8983 N, 114.1479 E

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Status Region
Capital Geryong
Largest City Geryong (over half of the population)
Area 7483.5 km2
Population 617,000 (2016)
Density 82/km2

Sappaér-iki is a region in the far north-west of Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo. It is separated by the rest of the country by the sparsely populated grassland of Lainyerō-iki. Although some cultural divide between this historically more westwards oriented region and the rest of Kojo is still evident, there are no serious suggestions for separation from the Republic of Kojo.

Due to its geographic isolation, the region - and most notably the city of Geryong - is arguably the worst connected region in Kojo. Only two CC high-speed rail services connect the region to the rest of the country, with a total of two trains every hour, and the region lacks an airport for scheduled flights, the closest airport being the Feneix Gateway Airport about 100 km to the west in Ataraxia or the Manlung regional airport 150 km to the south-east.