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Sarah Gerbertson (born 1957) was vice president of Freedemia under President Andrew Ames from 1990-1994 and was president from 1994-1998. Gerbertson was the only vice president to ever become president with her former president, Andrew Ames becoming her vice president.

Sarah Gerbertson, vice president of Freedemia from 1990 to 1994 and president from 1994 to 1998.

Before Presidency and Life History

Gerbertson attended Hayes University in Quentinsburgh for law, and became a lawyer in a prestigious law firm (later known as Gerbertson and Henson Law Firm) in Anneitasburgh. She would later become the State Executive of Anneita State in 1976.

1990 Campaign and Election

Sarah Gerbertson's largest competition in the race was Andrew Ames, a businessman from Trenchent State and a high level executive at QuinTech, then the largest personal computer company in Freedemia. The next biggest competitor was a Harris Graham, a sociology professor at Read University at the time. The race came very close, with Ames receiving 42% of the vote and Gerbertson recieving 41%. Graham received 14%.

1994 Campaign and Election

The results of the 1994 election before the top two runoff election.
The results of the 1994 runoff election.

Ames was very popular, as was Gerbertson. Both had done a lot together to help the country, such as more trade and tourism. The one thing that the two did have different views on was on the growing issues surrounding internet censorship and barechested equality. Ames was (perhaps surprisingly) in favor of internet censorship being up to the internet provider and the government. Ames was also against the move to legalize female barechestedness equally to mens. However, Gerbertson, a supporter of the movements towards fully normalizing naturism and making barechested equality universally legal, was strictly against online censorship with the exception of offensive or hateful speech or images, and wanted clean nudity to not be censored under any circumstances.


Enough people shared Gerbertson's views that it swayed the election in her favor, Gerbertson would beat Ames 37% to 35% to Graham's 24%. Robert Kenderson would pull off 3.6%. In the runoff Gerbertson would win 54.5% to 45.4%.

First Term

1998 Failed Reelection Campaign

The results of the 1998 election before the top two runoff election.

President Sarah Gerbertson was one of the few presidents that ran for president a second time after having been president for a term and vice president for a term. Gerbertson was as a whole a relatively popular president, with a 68% approval rating, and expected to win or at least easily come in second. However, Harris Graham and Robert Kenderson would team up against her in the 1998 election, and used the issues and scandals with the GreenBuilt Coalition against her, calling her a "sell-out" for giving in to "big interests" like the gasoline industry instead of "keeping her word" on going green. While the accusations were biased and unfair, they were technically true, and Gerbertson could not adequately dispute their claims. Gerbertson found her approval going down the drain from the attacks, and after a close race for second, barely came in third. Graham, at the time liked for his outspokenness and "honesty" (though he would later be charged with corruption), won with 39% of the vote, and Kenderson, with 20.6%, would barely beat Rosenthal for third place, who received 20.3%. Ames would get 20.1%.

Another reason for Gerbertson's loss may have been the rift of slightly more liberal support coming through at that time. While Gerbertson had supported naturism and barechested equality, on almost every other main topic she had traditional, more conservative views, while Graham was well known for being oddly more liberal, as was Kenderson.

Other Acts as President