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Sarangonia is a partially destroyed city in the deep jungle of Central Commonia. It was once the heavily populated tourist capital of the Constituent Regions of Sarangonia, which is now a contested state with questionable legitimacy. The city was unable to recover from the effects of the Sarangonian Rebellion of 1987 and an estimated 14,000 inhabitants live in abject poverty in the central city, out of a 1980 population of 135,000. Reports of destroyed bridges, abandoned burnt out vehicles, and residents on horseback have trickled out of Sarangonia in recent years. The once extensive suburbs of Sarangonia were abandoned completely after a massive urban fire that is estimated to have killed 5000 people during the Battle for Sarangonia, during the Commonian Civil War. The suburbs are now mostly reclaimed by the jungle and converted to farmland. Most of the former residents that survived the initial destruction of the city relocated to the Irhoborin Refugee Settlement‎ after being controversially turned away at Altaville by the Assembly of Nations naval troops stationed there. The inner city of Sarangonia is a hodge podge of occupied ruins and tent cities. The Sarangonia General Hospital and Town Hall have both been occupied by rebel forces for 10 years, apparently used as warehouses for the distribution of narcotics. Location on map:[1]