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Sasuke Alfred Volkman (born January 4, 1917 - died March 25, 2015) was an excommunicated shirarume, pirate and former dictator of the Democratic People's Republic of Belphenia.

Early life and career

Sasuke was born in Palafox, Greridia Territory (modern Yalobusha Prefecture) on January 4, 1917. His parents, Jack Volkman and Dawn Volkman were also born in Palafox in July 1899.

In May 1939, he became a pirate when he joined the Lost Alligator faction.


On February 29, 1940, Sasuke's leader Terra Moon declared war on the Belphenian samurai by capturing Seralia Island in a territorial dispute between samurai Miyoko Nagashira and Belphenian president Miyake Toshiro. He intended to assassinate Miyoko at the Seralia Volcano, but captured her alive and bought the female pirate to Lost Alligator. At 9:53am, Miyoko was tortured to death by Sasuke and other pirates under Terra Moon's behalf.

At 9:59am, Sasuke ran into Miyake Toshiro by accident but he later captures him, demanding a territorial dispute and surrendering Belphenia to Terra Moon. He saw her fighting with the Belphenian samurai to take back their ship, Moon Run, and Terra was stabbed to injury by samurai Etsuke Ako. The battle lasted 18 minutes and ended with Sasuke killing Miyake Toshiro and Etsuke Ako with his sword in revenge, and takes back the ship. Terra survived the stabbing and he came to her to get medical help.

After the death of Miyake Toshiro, he gained control of Belphenia as a dictator, ending the country's 200-year democracy and transforms Belphenia into a dictatorship. He then appointed his master Terra Moon and her pirates, and psychiatrist Quinn Truman as his lieutenants to form his government. After the war on Seralia Island ended in 1941, he elected at least 30 psychiatrists to rule the remaining provinces and created his cult of personality around him. During the mid-1940s, he forced Belphenians to switch over from all religions to his cult of personality and banned all religions, freedoms, foreigners, and the outside world. He later legalized psychiatry, gambling, same-sex marriages, unwanted pregnancies, slavery and torture in his address to the nation in May 1947 to "show other governments that we are now a rising superpower with our Great Leader Sasuke Volkman and to recruit new comrades in the next 10 years". More of Sasuke's bizarre laws were legalized by June 1947.

On April 19, 2011, Volkman lost control of Belphenia when many Belphenians rebelled against him and his lieutenants to democracy before the events of the Battle of Shirahoshi.

Expulsion from Great Heart

On May 5, 2011, Volkman was expelled from Great Heart by Great Heartists in a trial at Grand Court for endangering and torturing Belphenians and other wrongdoings. He was also excommunicated as well when he faced a Sakura judge in his sentencing hearing in Remiville.


Sasuke Volkman lost his battle with cancer on March 25, 2015. It was confirmed by the Belphenian government that they will not be planning any funeral arrangements in the future, but to "move forward".