Saviso Bradford Airport

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Z14, -1.9803 °S, 32.1200 °E
Saviso Bradford Airport

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Basic information
Country Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo
City Saviso
Began operation 26 September 1954; 65 years ago (1954-09-26)
Time zone WUT+2:00
Passengers TBD
Aircraft operations TBD
Direction Length
29/11 4010m
28/10 4010m
Number Length
Highways M7 Vodeo.png M75 Vodeo.png M76 Vodeo.png M77 Vodeo.png
Long distance train lines Wahala, Inlander
Suburban rail lines  Airport 
Tram lines  55   70   82 
Postcode 5140

Saviso Bradford Airport (colloquially Saviso Airport or Bradford Airport, and formerly known as Saviso International Airport until 1990; WAAT: SAV, ANACA: LVSB) is the busiest airport in Vodeo. The airport is located 13 km (8 mi) southwest of Saviso city centre in the suburb of Whitehead, and is located within Port Saviso City. It is both a domestic and international hub for Dominion Air and Vodean National Airlines. The airport is named for Guy Bradford, the 18th Premier of Vodeo.


Saviso had originally been served by a small landing strip constructed at Auchi in 1918. While traffic volumes had been light in the 1920s and 1930s, by the early 1940s the facilities at Auchi were insufficient to cope with growing passenger numbers. In 1943 the St Austellian government began investigating possible solutions, including an expensive expansion of the airport facilities that would have resulted in the demolition of hundreds of homes and businesses; the second option the construction of new facilities on Cobalt Island that, while relatively undeveloped, were inaccessible prior to the construction of the Cobalt Island Bridge in 1951. The third option, selected in November 1944, was the construction of a larger airport on undeveloped land west of the Saviso River at Fyanstown. The land was purchased for a total of 39,300, and construction on the airport began in early 1946.

Saviso International Airport was officially opened on St Austell Day (26 September) 1954, by Premier Guy Bradford and Governor Tom Avery; the first flight to leave that day was a Stranraer 97 Alticruiser jetliner bound for Holme. Auchi Airport closed on 31 December 1954 and was demolished in 1955; however, part of Auchi Airport remains in the Baltic Hills Motorway, which was built atop where the former runway was located, parallel to the Meredith Inlet .

The airport was renamed Saviso Bradford Airport on 13 April 1990 in honour of former Premier Guy Bradford on what would have been his 100th birthday; to mark the change, Saviso Bradford's ANACA code was altered from LVSA to LVSB in 1993. In 1995 a number of the public streets around the airport were renamed, including the main thoroughfare, which was renamed Constance Whitehead Drive in honour of Constance Whitehead, an early St Austellian aviatrix.


In 1979 the St Austellian government began investigating into the feasibility of either upgrading the existing airfield on Cobalt Island or constructing a new airport to the southwest of the city near Aberfeldy, but over the course of the following thirty years the plans gained little traction. A national government report into the future of Saviso Bradford published in 2008 stated that the airport would likely reach capacity between 2025 and 2035, and by 2040 be unable to cope with growing passenger volumes. Further studies in 2009 and 2010 proposed either an upgrade to Cobalt Island Airport, which had been upgraded in 1995, or the construction of an airport at Aberfeldy. In 2011 the Stobie government selected Cobalt Island Airport to be the site of Saviso's second airport. The airport's upgrade is planned to be completed and operational by late 2019 or early 2020 as a fully domestic airport, with added capacity for upgrading to international standard in the future. Saviso Bradford will remain Saviso's international airport following the completion of the upgrade.


Terminal 1

Officially the Radace Boran Terminal, Terminal 1 was opened on 14 May 1991 as a dedicated international terminal, thus relieving stress on Terminal 2. The terminal is named for Radace Boran, the owner of the original Auchi Airport between 1918 and 1928.

Terminal 2

Officially the Whitehead Terminal, Terminal 2 was Saviso Bradford's first terminal, opened on 27 September 1954. Originally servicing both international and domestic flights, the terminal became international-only in 1974 following the opening of the Domestic Terminal (Terminal 4). The terminal is shared by Dominion Air and Vodean National Airlines, both of whom base their international flights from the terminal. Terminal 2 is also home to the airport's main shopping area and food court. Dominion Air and Vodean National Airlines operate lounges in the terminal. Following the construction of the new Terminal 1 in 1991, the terminal was renamed the Whitehead Terminal, although for the sake of the convenience was also given the name Terminal 2. The terminal is named for aviatrix Constance Whitehead.

Terminal 3

Officially the Scott Fenton Terminal, Terminal 3 was opened on 1 July 2002 and is the designated terminal for Tarephian and Antarephian airlines. The terminal is named for Scott Fenton, an early aviator.

Terminal 4

Officially the Avery Terminal, Terminal 4 is commonly known as the Domestic Terminal. As its name suggests it is the base of all domestic and regional flights in and out of Saviso Bradford, and contains lounges for both Dominion Air and Vodean National Airlines. The terminal was constructed between 1971 and 1974 and was built to relieve pressure from the main terminal. The terminal is named for Tom Avery, the Governor of St Austell when the airport opened.


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Airline Destination(s) Terminal
Air Catonia Townsend 1
Air Khaiwoon Khaiwoon 1
Air New Ingerland Kingsbury 1
AOAir Whangiora 1
Demirhan Airlines Internationa Airport of Sultan Selim II, Tarsinar, International Airport of Sultan Suleyman III, Ardeşehir, Airport of Sultan Bayezid, İslahisar, Demirhanlı Devleti 1
Dominion Air Avington, Brynderwyn, Cheltenham, Endorie, Gerrise, Greville, Holme, Radern, Silverton, Welson 4
Cordoba, Gobras City, Iola, Khaiwoon, Kingsbury, Latina, Odrava, Porto Colon, Porto Real, Quentinsburgh, Stanton, St. Richards, Trevers, Troie, Vai, Villa Constitución, Whangiora, Winburgh 2
Federal Airlines Stanton 1
FreedemiAir Quentinsburgh 3
Guai Airways Vai 3
Linreqiyan Peyan Iola 1
MordetoAir Akvo-Fjǿrkand 3
Paroyan Airways Coleraine, Trevers 3
Royal Aulean Airlines Carran 3
Vodean National Airlines Avington, Brynderwyn, Cheltenham, Endorie, Gerrise, Greville, Holme, Mansfield, Marazan, Schellingen, Silverton, Welson 4

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Ground transport


Saviso Bradford Airport is connected by four main highways:

The airport is regularly serviced by bus lines radiating out toward the city, Pontefract, Cobalt Island, Airdrie, Silverwater, Cowes, and Port Saviso. It is also serviced by the Skybus service between the city centre and airport.


Saviso Bradford Airport is serviced by the Airport line, and has two terminals - International and Domestic, located in the Airport Transit Centre and underneath the Domestic Terminal, respectively. The line was opened on 20 August 1998 to provide a direct link to the airport itself; prior to 1998 the nearest station was at Belizaire on the Queensgate line.

Tram services to the airport were inaugurated in 1954. Saviso Bradford Airport is served by three tram routes: 55 to the city centre and Southbank, 70 to the city centre and Silverwater, and 82 to the city centre and Kings Bay.