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13, -13.0704, 44.5276
 • RegionProvince Scippo
Ethnic Groups
Latinians (88%), Natives (8%), Other (4%)
NationalitiesLatinans (96%), Other (4%)
 • MayorJerome Natal
 • Vice MayorEleanor Garibaldi
 • Totalxyz km2
 • Urbanxyz km2
 • Ruralabc km2
Elevation170 m (460 ft)
 • Estimate (2016)625 000
 • Census (2011)623 955
 • Densityxyz/km2
eyz/sq mi
Postal Code5101 - 5114
Telephone Code0511-0515
Tram18 lines

Scippo is a city in the center of Latina. The town is the capital of the province Scippo of Latina. The city has 623 955 inhabitants (zensus 2011). The green in the flag shows the motto of the town: "Green is the hope".


1565 Girolamo Scippo selled shares for the foundation of a new and "free" town in the outpost of the colony of Latina. His opinion was after the struggles because the reformation to find a refugiun for a peaceful life for himself, his family and his friends. Truely said - Scippo has no opinion for any religion, but to say this was to that time dangerous. But in his planed town should be no monks and no monastery and free religion.

600 enthusiast give him money and with 800 men and 600 woman he goes on the treck in the wild north of the colony in land of indigen tribes. In a bow of a great river 1568 he founded "his" town and named it after himself "Scippo".

More as two centuries the town exist on a low level, many lots in the old town til 1780 are only grass or garden. Most important activity was the trade with the indigen tribes around. 1760 was build a small harbour south of the town at a cnal parallel to the Rio Scippo, to bring this goods with ships to other parts of Latina.

Not earlyer as around 1800 the whole area of the old town in her walls are builded with houses. That was a short pleasure, because in the war of independence 1809 the troops of the colony burnd down the town as apart of the forbidden republic of Gentofte.

1821, after the Battle of Topahappan, Scippo was a real part of Latina. Now many settlers seek place and therefore in the south of the old town was founded a suburb (now Barrio # 2). In the old town at this time a lot of shops are founded, situated in the "Calle Señor" and the "Calle Señora". This names in the first time are more a joke, because the shops are sorted after the interests of both genders.

1846 the railway from Latina (Cidudad) to Porto Colon reached Scippo. The station was build at the new suburb - now the "old station". Trains from Latina (Cidudad) to Porto Colon must change the direction. To avoid this 1889 was build the now existing station in the north of the town with trough going tracks.

1851 was founded the university of Scippo in the Barrio # 2. Since 1921 the new university is build in the western part of the town in Barrio # 12.

In the decades from 1860 to 1900 the town grow more and more. To have houses of higher level and modern design, the suburb "Moderna" (now Barrio # 3) 1855 was planed with the Avenida Reforma as main shopping-street. Many shops with well known name til today there make their buisiness. 1860 the first houses are ready and the first shops are opened. At the same time also starts the urbanisation of Barrio # 4 (Cortes) and Barrio # 5 (Norte) with great places at the northern shore of the river Scippo for representative public buildings. This 5 barrios today are the center of the city.

1874 was opened the first horsetram-line, now part of the streetcar-line # 7. 1897 to 1909 the horstram-lines become electric power with the system "Sprague" with 500 V DC as in most towns of Latina.

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Scippo is divided in 20 suburbs, named "barrios". Postal Code is always 510. or 511. and the number of the suburb ( always 4 numerals 5101 to 5120). Government and greater organisations have postalcodes from 5121 to maximal 5139.

Like in Latina (Cidudad) always for some barrios are local courts in service - so in Scippo there are local courts for always four suburbs in the center, north, east, south and west.

Number Name ingerish Court to city inhabitants km² density remark
1 Cidudad town center 1568 xyz abc def Oldest part of city
2 Estacion Vejo old station center 1830
3 Moderna modern center 1860 starting
4 Cortes Courthouses center 1860 starting
5 Norte north center 1860 starting commercial center
6 Este east east 1865
7 Bosque wood east 1870
8 Lado Sur southside east 1880
9 Dos Rios Two Rivers east 1880
10 Acacias acacias south 1900
11 Campo Verde green field south 1900
12 Universidad university south 1885
13 Lado de Redondo Redondo-side south 1890
14 Campo Alondra larks field south 1900
15 Ferrocarrils railways north 1875
16 Botanico botanic north 1875
17 Rio Belgrano Belgrano river north 1895
18 Monte San Jorge St. Georges hill north 1900
19 Astoria north 1890
20 Hippodrome horseracing north 1905
whole town 623 955


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Scippo has together with Redondo an national airport. Flights go to Belsante, Du Bois, Cordoba, Van Pelt and Porto Colon. To Latina (Cidudad) you can take the AVE hi-speed railway. From the town the airport can reached with the AVE-hi-speed--line # 12.

Motorway # 7 from Latina (Cidudad) to Porto Colon touches the town in the south. Scippo is served from the primary-routes ## 32, 33, 37, 79 and 80. Route # 30 touches the town in the southwest.

In Gentofte stopps the railway hi-speed-line # 7 (AVE) from Latina (Cididad) via Gentofte to Porto Colon and the AVE-line # 12 Delta - Redondo - Scippo - Topahappan.

The Rapido-lines 350, 356, 820, 845 and 866 stops at Scippo. With this lines the town is an important knotpoint in the railway net of Latina.

Streetcars in Scippo


The traffic in the town is mainly organisized with streetcars. There are 18 streetcar-lines, ## 1 to 13 and 15 to 19. Most tracks lay on own right of way, but in the inner town in the street - often there in oneway-streets.

There are new "short" cars of 48 m and "long" cars of 72 m for lines with denser traffic. Therefore most streetcar-depots now are 150 m long. Formerly in Scippo (as in other towns) are shorter cars in use.

Worth to see

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Citizens Service (What is where?)

Object ingerish Adress Barrio Remarks
Cortes de Provincia provincial parliament Foro des Cortes # 4
Cortes superiores Provincial hight court of the province Foro des Cortes # 4
Cortes superiores Cidudad high court of the town Foro des Cortes # 4
Cortes locales centro local court center 4, Plaza del Opera # 4
Cortes locales norte local court north
Cortes locales este local court east
Cortes locales sur local court south Plaza Universidad # 12
Ayuntamento del Cidudad Town Hall 2, Plaza del Opera # 4
Commedia Theater comedique Plaza los Fuentes # 4
Hogar por Animalos Animal shelter
Jardin Botanico Botanic Garden 2, Avenida Botanico # 16
Objetos Perdidos lost and found
Opera 3, Plaza del Opera # 4
Pinacoteka Art Gallery
Philharmony Concert hall Plaza Moderna # 3
Teatro del Cidudad main theather Plaza del Teatro # 4
Universidad (Centro) main buildung university 1, Plaza del Universidad # 12


Two football-clubs of Scippo play in the second national league, the "FC Scippo" and "Scippo 13". As other towns in Scippo is a horseracing club.

Famous is the long-distance rowing race on the Boulevard-canal about 7 km always in the second weekend in July. Often 25 or more teams are part of this challenge. Always 8 boats run in several races at saturday for the qualification for the sunday final race with the best 8 teams. In every boat sit 6 men and a boy at the helme. Since 2001 the next weekend the same race for women is established.


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