Sean Bond International Airport

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Z14, -21.1468 °S, 28.6259 °E
Sean Bond International Airport
Sean Bond International Airport
(national name)

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Basic information
Country FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
City Quentinsburgh
Began operation 1968 (with subsequent redesigns and expansions)
Passengers A lot (millions)
Direction Length
15L/33R 3320 m
10/28 3950 m
15R/33L 2750 m
Number Length
Highways U1X/Loop 201, U15
Metro lines Quentinsburgh Metro line 1
Tram lines *tram to terminals, hotels, rental car center, etc
*airside tram between gates

Sean Bond International Airport (WAAT code- SBD, ANACA code- MFSB) is Freedemia's main international and intercontinental airport. It serves the Quentinsburgh-Mathers metropolitan area primarily, but largely acts as the main hub for the country as a whole. The airport also acts as one of the largest regional and intercontinental hubs for the Strait of Lyc and southern Tarephia.


In the early 1960's, President Sean Bond put in place plans to build a new airport to better connect Freedemia to the rest of the world. Quentinsburgh needed a better connection than the undersized Reede Airstrip (today the westernmost runway of SBD Intl.). The newly constructed airport was originally dubbed Quentinsburgh/Freedemian International Airport until 1973, when it was renamed for former president Bond.

Today's Terminal C is the newest terminal, built in 1990. Terminal A was the original terminal open for many years (open since 1968, expanded and remodeled several times), and terminal B was built in 1974 to expand room for regional flights. However, when Terminal C was completed it became the new main terminal and the base for most international FreedemiAir flights. The third runway on the eastern edge of the airport was also added in the early 90s as flights to Freedemia essentially tripled during the economy boom.

In the 2000s, two major expansions were completed- the East Wings of Terminal C and Terminal A. In both cases, the eastern wings became the home for regional international flights (Terminal C for FreedemiAir, Terminal A for other airlines) while the western main wings remained the home of longer distance and intercontinental flights.

Tragedy of Flight 2399

Ground Transportation

SBD Airlink

SBD Airlink, a landside tram operated by the airport, connects the terminals to each other and to the consolidated rental car center, Hotel Square, park and rides, and SBD Airport Station & Transit Center. Airlink runs multiple service patterns allowing for quick connection to either Terminal A or Terminal C depending on which airline a passenger needs to access.

SBD Terminal Station and SBD Airport Transfer Station

Select QUARTA-operated regional rail trains and FreedemiRail's SkyConnector service (connecting SBD Airport more directly to many cities along the southern coast of Freedemia with higher speed rail) terminate at SBD Terminal Station, directly out front of Terminal C.

While these are the only rail lines besides the Airlink to reach the terminals directly, other FreedemiRail lines and regional rail trips stop at SBD Airport Transfer Station, where riders can also connect to/from the Quentinsburgh Metro system's line 1 and several local and express buses. The metro and buses are both operated by QUARTA, Quentinsburgh's metropolitan transit authority.

An intercity bus terminal serving FIAbus, Greenleaf Bus Lines, and other coach lines is also located at SBD Airport Transfer Station, providing intercity bus service.

Airside Transportation

SBD Gatelink

Other Facilities

Rental Car Center

Hotel Square

..., when a collection of more prominent hotels including Skylight Hotel, Crystal Suites, and Homecourt came together with a proposal for a new consolidated campus of hotels within the grounds of the airport. The development, dubbed Hotel Square, included several hotel buildings with shops and a conference center centered around a metro station and then-planned Airlink stop. Inspired by the success of the consolidated Rental Car Center, the hope was that having a transit-oriented neighborhood of hotels centrally located would better serve business customers and improve the experience for those staying in the various hotels. The project was jointly funded by the major hotel chains and the Airport Authority, and opened in ...

To date, Hotel Square has been widely successful. However, budget motels and hotels who could not afford the valuable real estate or that were located offsite have expressed disapproval, stating that Hotel Square inherently puts nicer chains at an advantage. There have also been few takers for the Hotel Square shops, leaving a lot of storefronts in the complex empty.


Sean Bond International is on track to become one of the largest international and intercontinental hubs in Tarephia. They are still expanding to many more airlines and to many more international destinations.

Sean Bond International Airport was built at a time where Freedemia was just beginning to have a medium demand for international flights and tourism. Significant growth in Quentinsburgh's population and importance as a global hub has led to the need to expand to meet future needs. Plans are in place for a final expansion to SBD's terminals, consisting of a new outer concourse attached to Terminal B. This is a long term project, but construction is hoped to be completed by 2023.

Terminal B Outer Concourse Expansion


Terminal Purpose Airlines Notes
Terminal A Non-FreedemiAir International Flights Paxair, Paroyan Airways, Air Karolia, Air Wiwaxia, DeltAir, Gobrassian, AnthAir, Flyht Myrcia, AeroIndigo, Air Ataraxie, BalonisAir, Litvanian Airlines, Air New Ingerland, Ingerish Airways, Dominion Air, AOAir, MordetoAir, Air Valaga, Merganwings, Air Catonia, Linreqiyan Peyan, Royal Aulean Airlines, Auronian Air, Layr, Southern Airlines, Purpure Airlines Main Terminal is long distance, East Wing is regional. Paroyan Airways is currently Terminal A's biggest tenant.
Terminal B FreedemiAir Domestic Flights and Non-FreedemiAir Regional International Flights FreedemiAir, FlyMe, Ikk´bin, Guai Airways, Nimiri Halaban
Terminal C- Main Terminal FreedemiAir International Flights (Intercontinental) FreedemiAir only
Terminal C- East Wing FreedemiAir International Flights (Regional) FreedemiAir only
General Aviation Private Flights, Charter Flights, High Profile Flights, Freight Flights. N/A Not home to any fixed passenger flights.

Current Airlines and Destinations

Airline Destination Terminal Notes
FreedemiAir (International)

(Tavauru); Aden Mdin (Aden); Alcantara (Luslandia); Aludres (Leresso); Anrovia City (Anrovia); Ardesehir (Demirhan Empire); Arona (Garania); Bahia Fuerte (Costa Aurea); Bako-Huz (Kofuku); Barnia (Castellan); Bromaine (Nahele Republic); Brusey (Ammirice); Campo Verde (Brasonia); Canan (Al-Kaza); Carante (Barzona); Carispoole (Samiloor); Carotaba (Tempeira); Catamia (Allendea); Ciudad de Vega (Vega); Coleraine (Paroy); Dempaak (Denghio); Dolores (Tamarindia); Eaux Riantes (Meilan); Ek-Balam (Balam-Utz); Faita (Taranrii); Fojenica (Allendea); Gerrise (Vodeo); Gillarca (Gardensa); Gobras City (Gobrassanya); Hanif (Mazan); Hexagonia City (Tigeria); Idnah (Albalad Siriun); Iola (Mauretia); Jade Coast (Castine); Jundah (Federal States); Khaiwoon (Khaiwoon); Kingsbury (New Ingerland); Koescad (Koescad); La Pinta (Baldoria); Lake City (Federal States); Latina (Cidudad) (Latina); Lucero (San Marcos); Maqanta (West Kadmar/Leresso); Malvertta (Qennes) coming 2022; Mar de Agosto (Tempeira); Maribar (Mazan); Marie City (Hoppon); Nikolovac (Mallyore); Odrava (Drabantia); Patriot City (Jefferson); Port Affel/Port Holy (Iscu); Port Ste. Marie (Ste. Marie and Ste. Helene); Porto Real (Florescenta); Puerto Elisabeth (Pohenicia); Pyingshum (Kojo); Safrisco (Paxtar); Sainðaul (Izaland); San Martin (Wallea); Saviso (Vodeo); Sediimarkt (Calliesanyo); Sevaille (Beaumontan); Silverseas (Mecyna); Slovech (Belgravia); St. Richards (Pretany); Stanton (Federal States); Säntjana (Karolia); Tarott (Kalm); Trevers (Paroy); Troie (Brocelliande); Tsanonba (??); Ulinje (Zalivnia); Vai (Guai); Valka (Valaga); Valoris (Brocelliande); Wallawaukee (Federal States); Whangoria (Aorangēa); Winburgh (Ingerland); Yanim (Gharbiya)

C (intercontinental in main building, regional international in east wing) Intercontinental flights fly through the main portion of Terminal C, while more regional flights fly through the East Wing of Terminal C.
FreedemiAir (Domestic) Frankelyn/Vandoveur, Jhuandan, Qinter Flora, Los Redimidos, Wendale, Valle de Hierro B, C The flight to Frankelyn/Vandoveur is business class only due to the route paralleling high speed rail.
Air Karolia Säntjana A 5 flights weekly, no flights Tuesday or Thursday.
Air Wiwaxia Lydgate, Wiwaxmouthe A
Paxair Carmellium (Paxtar), Safrisco (Paxtar) A Carmellium is 2 flights daily, Safrisco is 4 flights Mon-Fri and 3 Flights Sat and Sun. Paxair has one of the largest presences in Terminal C.
Gobrassian Airlines Gobras City A
AOAir Whangiora A
Dominion Air Saviso A
Paroyan Airways Trevers, Coleraine A 21 weekly to Coleraine (3 flights Mon-Fri, 2 flights Sat-Sun), 14 weekly to Trevers (2 flights daily). Paroyan Airways has the largest presense in Terminal C.
Ikk´bin Airlines Balam-Utz A
Linreqiyan Peyan Iola A
Guai Airways Vai (Guai) B Vai is 4 flights Mon-Fri and 3 Flights Sat and Sun. Guai Airways has the largest presence in Terminal B.
AnthAir Bărădin A
Flyht Myrcia Dunwic A
FlyMe Vai (Guai) B
DeltAir Vai (Guai), Malojdeh A
AeroIndigo Sadiemarkt, Khaiwoon, Cassenaux-Sur-Mer, Säntjana A
Air Ataraxie Hav, Léopoldville A
Litvanian Airlines Loravia, Litvania A
MordetoAir Akvo-Fjǿrkand, Mordeto A
Merganwings Gobras City, Stanncatt A
Air Valaga Valka (Valaga) A
Nimiri Halaban Hexagonia City (Tigeria) B
Air Catonia Townsend (Catonia) A
Royal Aulean Airlines Carran (Auleus) A
Auronian Air Koescad (Koescad) A
Layr Layrìtyan (Lyre) A
Southern Airlines Dura Ahn, Lake City (Federal States) A
Purpure Airlines Malvertta (Qennes) A