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8, -42.1227, 143.3826
The Great State of Seneppi
"Promoveo, proficio, progredior"
English: "Advance, Advance, Advance"
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
CapitalPersonsboro ()
Largest cityWallawaukee (1,548,000)
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesFranquese
 • GovernorTrisha Owanawa
 • Vice GovernorBlake Allen
LegislatureSeneppi State Legislature
 • Upper houseSeneppi Upper House ("Senate")
 • Lower houseSeneppi Lower House
 • Estimate (2019)4,073,000
 • Density144.9/km2
TimezoneWUT +9

Seneppi, officially the State of Seneppi or the Great State of Seneppi, is a state in the Grand Lakes region of the Federal States. Seneppi borders Lake Sauganash and Wychelle to the west, (Grand Lake 1) to the east, Walkegan to the north, and Arbenon and neighboring country Naexma to the south, and is across (Grand Lake 2) from Makaska. Its capital is at Personsboro, and its largest city is Wallawaukee. The Wallawaukee metropolitan area, including Brighston and Trenchent, is among the country's most populous and makes up the vast majority of the state population.

OGFmapicon.png 42.1227 S, 143.3826 E
Official Name:
The Great State of Seneppi
Other Names:
The Mallard State, The Two Waters State, The Great State

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Promoveo, proficio, progredior
English: Advance, Advance, Advance
Status State of Federal States
Capital Personsboro
Largest city Wallawaukee (1,548,000)
Demonym Seneppian
Population 4,073,000 (2017)
Governor Trisha Owanawa
Airports Wallawaukee Foley-Fillmore International Airport, Gramercy Metropolitan Airport
Passenger Rail ConnectSeneppi commuter rail, state funded regional rail
Metro Heavy Rail/light rail in Wallawaukee


Seneppi comes from the native _____ word "Isinepi", meaning two waters, likely from the state's location between two of the grand lakes, Lake Sauganash & ______. However the name is also similar to the word for mustard in many languages, causing some confusion.


Native Archantans

Franquese Settlement in Franklinsburgh

___ Compromise and Ingerish claim

___ Purchase, Seneppi Territory


Industrial Era



Manufacturing and Shipping


Industrial Decline, Growth in Tech and Banking



The majority of Seneppi's population is along the eastern side of the state along (Grand Lake 1) or at the southwest along Lake Sauganash. The northwest and southern parts of the state are largely rural, with the northwest home mostly to smaller farming towns and the south to farming and forests. Overall, Seneppi is fairly flat, with a single ridge separating river basins.


Seneppi is a Grand Lakes state with a largely warm summer humid continental climate. During the winter months (June-August), Seneppi experiences minuscule amounts of lake effect snow.

Climate data for Wallawaukee, 1975–2016
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 26
Average low °C (°F) 21
Average precipitation mm (inches) 46 53 45 64 85 65 80 136 144 104 83 53 822
Average snowfall cm (inches) 0 0 0 0.4 3 9 12 7 2 0.7 trace 0 34.1
Source: National Atmospheric Institute


A map of all 29 of Seneppi's counties.

Seneppi consists of 29 counties, with Chester County being the most populous and Wisgana County having the lowest population.


Name of county Population Area (sq. mi) County Seat Largest Locality Location
Alkete 92,000 Alkete Alkete
Annagawi 213,000 Annagawi Annagawi
Ashewick Ashewick [[]]
Brighhurst 386,000 Brighston Brighston map
Bynes Bynesville Bynesville
Cheboygan 94,000 Lake Glen Lake Glen
Chester 1,459,000 Wallawaukee (largest city) Wallawaukee (largest city) map
Clint 49,000 Clinton Clinton
Dundee 733,000 Gramercy Gramercy
Ellenwood 103,000 Ellenwood Ellenwood map
Franklins 402,000 Franklinsburgh Franklinsburgh
Giiwa Giiwa Giiwa
Hanaska Hanaska Keyboyl
Joward Joward Fort Persons Military Base
Mallard [[]] [[]]
Marshdan Marshdan [[]]
Miraun 112,000 Miraun Miraun
Murphy Murphysport Murphysport
Nanackery 139,000 Rachelle Rachelle map
Persons 356,000 Personsboro (capital) Personsboro (capital)
Ralita Sistead Fork Meadowside
Saint Monarde Croberts Croberts
Seneca Seneca Covenshaw
Shannonaw Shannonaw Shannonaw
Sosenaw 21,000 [[]] [[]]
Tenohasha [[]] [[]]
Trenchent 206,000 Trenchent Trenchent map
Wallinepi [[]] [[]]
Wisgana 4,200 [[]] [[]]


Personsboro is the official capital of Seneppi. Annagawi was the capital from 1827-1899, originally chosen out of spite over Personsboro due to fatigue over Wallawaukee and Gramercy fighting tooth and nail for the capital as a way to punish the two cities by choosing a location as far from both as possible. Eventually realizing this was a logistical nightmare, the state used the turn of the century as an excuse to move the capital to Personsboro in 1900.

A Source of Pride

Annagawians are still very bitter about losing the capital and consider Annagawi the rightful and unofficial capital of Seneppi. They have fought many times to have the capital moved back to Annagawi. There is still a Capitol Street in downtown Annagawi, and students at University of Seneppi-Annagawi have voted several times to become Seneppi Capital University-Annagawi, but the state university board keeps voting them down.

Meanwhile, Personsboro natives are extremely proud of being the capital because they'd originally fought for it as the most reasonable option based on size and location and lost to Annagawi over a petty argument between Wallawaukee and Gramercy. So proud, in fact, that the state university that opened in Personsboro in 1906 was named Seneppi Capital University in celebration of gaining the capital status they always thought they'd deserved.

Metropolitan Areas

  • Wallawaukee-Brighston-Trenchent
  • Franklinsburgh-Annagawi

State Government


Seneppi districts by party lean.

Due to its high urban and suburban population, Seneppi is a slightly-liberal leaning but mostly moderate state with some more conservative pockets in rural areas. As a whole, Seneppi is moderate but not right-wing. Polarization of the Liberal Progressive Party and Conservative party and the resulting collapse of the state Conservative party in the 60s led to the rise of the Centrist Independent Party (CIP) in the 60s-90s. As such, state politics are generally dominated by the Centrist Independent Party and Liberal Progressive parties, with the Conservatives party only really being competitive in Gramercy and rural areas. Seneppi is somewhat unique in that the moderate Centrist Independent Party usually has the most influence in state politics, being competitive in both major cities and rural areas due to their non-ideological problem solving focus and balance between providing services like green energy, housing and public transit, and emphasis on business-friendly policies and public-private partnerships.

Most Seneppi political races are more or less two-way races, either between the Centrist Independent Party and the Liberal Progressive Party in major cities like Wallawaukee and Franklinsburgh and their suburbs, or between the Conservative Party and the Centrist Independent Party in rural areas. The Gramercy area is unique in that its status as a declining manufacturing city tends to make it competitive among all three major parties. Seneppi also frequently sends Centrist Independent Party members and independents to Parliament/Congress. Seneppi also recognizes minor parties such as the Libertarian party, Socialism and Democracy party, and Environmental party, but to date none have held any major statewide offices, though the libertarian party has picked up a couple local offices in rural areas and one Lower House representative in Bynes County.

Seneppi also frequently acts as a swing state in presidential elections, usually going for the more moderate candidate.

Major State Parties

  • Seneppi Centrist Independent Party (CIP)- competitive statewide, largest number of seats in legislature, most members
  • Liberal Progressive Party of Seneppi (LP)- competitive in large cities, college towns, and some towns and suburbs
  • Seneppi Conservative Party (C)- mainly just competitive in rural areas and Gramercy

Minor State Parties

  • Libertarian Party of Seneppi (L)- sometimes competitive as an alternative to the [center-right] party in rural areas and small towns
  • Seneppi Environmental Party (E)- seen as a one issue party and largely ignored with Centrist Independents and [center-left]s also focusing on environmental issues
  • Seneppi Socialism and Democracy Party (S)- generally unpopular and seen as too extreme due to moderate leaning of most of the state

State Legislature

The Seneppi State Legislature is a bicameral legislature with an Upper House (often unofficially known as the "State Senate") and a Lower House. The Upper House is elected based on 3 larger legislative districts voting at-large for seven legislators each, adding up to 21 total, while the Lower House is based on the 29 counties each electing five legislators, adding up to 145 total. The Upper House allows rural areas to have a bit more power while the Lower House is region by region.

State Governor

The governor and vice governor run separate campaigns and once elected act in many ways as co-governors. However, only the governor has the power to veto or sign legislation and has final say on decisions made. The vice governor helps advise the governor as his or her right hand man/woman, does many similar duties, and takes over if something happens to the governor. Both are elected via statewide election. Unlike many other states, Seneppi's governor has the power of the line item veto, but line item vetos can be overturned by the legislature by a simple majority, unlike normal vetoes that require a supermajority. Both are elected for 2 year terms, staggered by one year.

Representatives in the F.S. Legislature

(to be determined once national government system is decided upon)


Seneppi is home to three major international commercial airports: Foley-Fillmore International Airport and secondary Vernon International Airport serving the Wallawaukee metro, and Gramercy Metro International Airport serving Gramercy, Clinton, and surrounding areas. Franklinsburgh Annagawi Captial National Airport also has a small number of commercial flights serving the Franklinsburgh and Annagawi metropolitan area.

Other major airports, like Rachelle Ketz Regional Airport, largely support general, corporate, and cargo flights.

Railways/Intercity Transit

Intercity Rail

Wallawaukee acts as a major rail hub for long distance, regional, and ConnectSeneppi commuter rail service. The city is directly connected to Lake City, Minnonigan and San Alonzo, Wahauja via LakeLynx High Speed Rail. Wallawaukee, Franklinsburgh, and Personsboro are connected to cities in Walkegan, Tennewa, and Arbenon via regional rail. In addition, Wallawaukee and Franklinsburgh have stops on longer distance FedeRail lines to other cities such as Huntington and Stanton.

ConnectSeneppi (Intercity Rail)

ConnectSeneppi, sometimes listed as ConnectSN, is a statewide intercity transit network primarily specializing in intercity commuter rail. Formerly known as the Seneppi Intercity Railroad, the system went through a recent rebranding (partially due to replacing the Alkete line with a bus and adding the Wallawaukee-Miraun-Giiwa Connector). ConnectSeneppi's network is often a lifeline for certain cities like Gramercy that have struggled to maintain jobs, allowing people to commute to other cities for work. Counting the Foley-Fillmore AirportDirect, seven ConnectSN rail lines exist, largely radiating out from Wallawaukee but with some lines having hubs in Personsboro and Franklinsburgh as well.

A map of the ConnectSeneppi system. The system consists of rail corridors radiating mostly out of Wallawaukee and bus connectors serving smaller cities.

Local Subways/Light Railways/BRT

Wallawaukee and Gramercy each have their own metro systems. Trenchent and Franklinsburgh have major light rail systems. Personsboro has a street-running bus rapid transit network.



Wallawaukee's higher education system contributes to a fairly high-quality healthcare system, as most major hospitals are public-private partnership healthcare systems linked with public or private medical universities. AdventHealth is the largest hospital system in Seneppi, serving major hospitals throughout the entire Wallawaukee-Trenchent-Rachelle metro. Some small rural hospitals are publically owned and run to provide service to areas that otherwise would lack hospital service.

As for healthcare cost, Seneppi provides free emergency care and free mental health counseling up to 12 visits a year. Primary care is free to most up to two visits per year (roughly the bottom 60% of incomes) and low-cost on a sliding scale for additional visits and for the highest incomes. Other necessary services such as specialists are on a sliding cost scale, where care is free to those who can't afford it at all and cost increases gradually based on means. Cosmetic surgery not needed to sustain physical health is not free and usually costs the same for all incomes unless one files an application for a fee reduction.



K-12 Education

Public Universities

Public universities are part of the Seneppi Public University system (SPU system), which includes 9 universities, including:

  • University of Seneppi at Wallawaukee (US-W), a prestigious historic university in Wallawaukee
  • Vigorous liberal arts, law, some engineering/architecture and a strong health program. First public university in Seneppi, one of the more prestigious public schools in the Federal States.
  • University of Seneppi at Annagawi (US-A), a historic land-grant university in Annagawi
  • Seneppi University (SU), a college town university in ?
  • Originally Seneppi's primary public STEM school
  • Seneppi Capital University (SCU), a land-grant university in Personsboro
  • Seneppi's second major STEM school
  • University of Wallawaukee (UW), a formerly private university in Wallawaukee added to the system in 1975
  • Wallawaukee area's top engineering and STEM university
  • Brighston State University (BSU), formerly the private Brighston University in Brighston, added to the system in 1980
  • Historically liberal arts and science-oriented, but with reasonable engineering and design programs today
  • Franklinsburgh State University (FSU), a land-grant university in Franklinsburgh
  • Trenchent State University (TSU), upgrade of Trenchent College in 2003. One of the smaller system schools
  • Miraun State University (MSU), upgrade of Miraun College in 1986. Reasoning for Miraun's college town status

Tuition is on a sliding cost scale where schooling is free for the lowest incomes and cost increases in proportion to ability to pay, though fees apply.

Private Institutions

In addition, Seneppi is home to many private institutions. Large universities, like Ketz-Avery University in Rachelle, Gramercy University, Gramercy Engineering and Technical University, and Seneppi Institute of Technology, and smaller universities like Kelling University, Leonard University, and Wallawaukee Central City University, work in tandem with the SPU system to make Seneppi a top choice for education.

Community Colleges and Trade Schools

Seneppi also has a community college and trade school system, the Seneppi Technical and Trade College system (STTC system) marked by free tuition across all schools (though fees may apply) and auto-transfer of credits to any University of Seneppi system school and most private universities within the state.

In 2018, Seneppi also started piloting an online state university program separate from the other Seneppi Public University system schools known as Seneppi Online Public University. The idea is to provide a streamlined basic education in many fields across the entire state. However, this program is still in its early stages, and is seen by some as redundant as most universities already have online options.


State Symbols and Nicknames

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