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8, -42.1227, 143.3826
The Great State of Seneppi
"Promoveo, proficio, progredior"
English: "Advance, Advance, Advance"
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
CapitalAnnagawi (180,000)
Largest cityWallawaukee (1,182,000)
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesFranquese
 • GovernorTrisha Owanawa
 • Vice GovernorBlake Allen
LegislatureSeneppi State Legislature
 • Estimate (2017)4,684,000
TimezoneWUT +9

Seneppi, officially the State of Seneppi or the Great State of Seneppi, is a state in the Grand Lakes region of the Federal States. Seneppi borders Lake Sauganash to the west, (Grand Lake 1) to the east, Walkegan to the north, and Velena and neighboring country Naexma to the south, and is across (Grand Lake 2) from Makaska.

OGFmapicon.png 42.1227 S, 143.3826 E
Official Name:
The Great State of Seneppi
Other Names:
The Mallard State, The Two Waters State, The Great State

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Promoveo, proficio, progredior
English: Advance, Advance, Advance
Status State of Federal States
Capital Annagawi (180,000)
Largest city Wallawaukee (1,182,000)
Demonym Seneppian
Population 4,684,000 (2017)
Governor Trisha Owanawa
Airports Wallawaukee Foley-Fillmore International Airport, Gramercy Metropolitan Airport
Passenger Rail ConnectSeneppi, state funded ArchRail
Metro Heavy Rail in Wallawaukee and Gramercy, Light Rail in Franklinsburgh


Seneppi comes from the native _____ word "Isinepi", meaning two waters, likely from the state's location between two of the grand lakes, Lake Sauganash & ______. However the name is also similar to the word for mustard in many languages, causing some confusion.

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