Serendipity Matagu

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Serendipity Matagu
Born14th April 1956
Place of BirthIronwall Town
Country of BirthShadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma
ResidenceYshon, Yshon
EducationUniversity of Yshon, Arksbury International University
Alma MaterUniversity of Yshon
Known forThe Status
Political PartyDeep Green Block

Serendipity Matagu (born 14/04/1956, Ironwall Town, Shadze-Ma) is a philosopher and independent member of the Syndicated Public Assembly of Shadze-Ma. She has been a member of the Assembly since 1997. She is Professor of International Psychology at the University of Yshon and visiting Professor of International Economics and Government Systems at Arksbury International University. Her 2010 work ‘The Status’ was a best-seller in 7 countries. In the SPASM her most frequent alignments have been with the Deep Green Block.


‘International Games: the relationships between People and States’, Journal of Antarephian Studies Vol XXIII, University of Yshon, Yshon, Shadze-Ma, 1988

‘Us and the State: who we are - and how we are not them’, Topress, Yshon, 1994

‘The Status‘, Topress, Yshon, 2010