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Serrano County is a county in the F.S. state of Sierra. Serrano County is located in central Sierra, bordering Meseta, Wilfired, Yahomas, Estancia, Cusatia, Sanchez and Dennison counties. It is the most populous county in the state, with 922,115 inhabitants, and an area of 5504 km². Unita is the county seat.

Serrano county is very geographically, culturally and socioeconomically diverse, with the majority of population and concentration of wealth in the western high plain area, and the more rural and poorer areas located in higher mountain communities in the east.


Serrano County is the third county established in Sierra, and initially comprised Dennison as its main city, until it was split off into its own county in 1890. Since then, Redonda has been the most populous city in the county, and served as county seat until 1938, when it was moved to Unita.

Meseta County initially extended to Sierra's eastern border. The eastern half of Meseta and Serrano Counties were separated in 1921 to form Estancia County.


Plateau in eastern Serrano County

Serrano County has a varied geography, with rivers, mountains, rolling countryside and large urban areas. The western part of the county is dominated by its large cities and towns and the Colurona River as its westernmost limit. Central Serrano County is known for its hilly and steep farmland and countryside, with hills over 3000m and approaching 400m above sea level. The eastern part of the county is dominated by a high semiarid plateau of over 4500m altitude and dotted with various peaks (and one volcano) of over 4000m altitude. Big Pico (6246m above sea level) is the highest point in the county.


Redonda City Hall

Serrano County includes four cities with over 50,000 inhabitants (three over 100,000):

  • Redonda: largest city in the county
  • Unita: county seat
  • North Dennison
  • Duchess

Other towns in the county include:

  • Sorrent: suburban commuter town
  • Greenfield: planned commuter town built in the 1970s
  • Posada
  • Hayes, high-elevation mining town
  • Kena, mountain farming community

88% of the population in the county is found in or right next to the FS-480/S-5 loop in greater Dennison.


The professional soccer (football) team Dennison City SC is based in Redonda, the only big sports team in the Dennison-Redonda area based outside of the city of Dennison. Various amateur sport teams, linked to colleges can be found in the county, such as Redonda College Bulldogs and Greenfield College Harriers.

Various golf courses can be found in and around the Dennison-Redonda area, such as Bullrun Creek Golf Course, Hyatt Ridge County Club and Dulles Grove, perhaps the best-known course in the state.

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