Shekajo Pzar

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Shekajo Pzar
Born19th October 1954
Place of BirthHlaer
Country of BirthShadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma
ResidenceShalaxori, Yshon
Alma MaterUniversity of Yshon
Political PartyDogmatic Anarchists
HonorsFree-person of Shalaxori

Shekajo Pzar (born 19/10/1954, Hlaer, Shadze-Ma) is a farmer and independent member of the Syndicated Public Assembly of Shadze-Ma. He has been a member of the Assembly since 2003. He is a qualified doctor with a second degree from University of Yshon in international relations. In the SPASM his most frequent alignments have been with the Dogmatic Anarchists. He is a member of the Council of Eleven.


The Freedom to be Free - and other fables, Yshon, Shadze-Ma, 2013