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and largest city
Official languagesShilesian
 • Regional languagesWelsish
 • Total1 688,29 km2
651,85 sq mi

Shilesia (sz. Szlōnsk, wls. Schleislen) is a country in western Uletha, bordering Welstand-Westrijk, Vinnmark and Utterland. It's capital and largest city is Ligota, located in the northern part of the country which, alongside Kirchenburg creates an international agglomeration.


Historical background

During the XIX century war between Vinnmark and Welstand-Westrijk the Galician military sided with the latter. The war was a result of Jan Sindhauer's republican revolution in Vinnmark and the subsequent declaration of independence of Welstand-Westrijk by the Great Duke Albert VI. Joint forces of Welstand-Westrijk and Galicia have won the war, occupying land south of river Drehen and the Welstand's Nordlunsk canton.

Estabilishing the nation

After the war has ended the, Galician military, stationing in the occupied area had an internal coup. The revolting soldiers have founded Shilesia.


Shilesia lies in western Uletha. The country is rather flat with the exception of the mountainous border with Utterland. Shilesian coastline to the Firth of Hetzer about 40km long.


Northern border, with Welstand-Westrijk follows the river Drehen. Halfway through the border it splits from the river cutting through three lakes, before proceeding eastwards into the sea. Western border, with Vinnmark follows mountains. The same can be said about the southern and south-eastern borders, with Utterland.

Public transport

Air travel

There is one airport in Shilesia - Ligota-Alfred Regional Airport. It only accepts flights up to 800km. Destinations include cities in Garlis, Kalm and Ventria, but the airport is open to expand. Currently the only airline serving the airport is Hetzerwings. The airport is cooperating with Kirchenburg Flugport which is located just a few kilometers north.


Shilesia has a well-developed railway system. Main conventional (non-HSR) lines in the country are connecting Ligota, Śymjanowice and Zaborze. On them, trains can accelerate up to 180kph. They have multiple branch lines and frequent passenger service. Shilesian cities are also well-connected to neighbooring countries with multiple often-running lines reaching to close-by destinations, like Kirchenburg, Solsburg and Domont. Some of the most congested routes are also serviced by private carriers, such as Cug.

Multiple international trains cross Shilesia, not only on conventional, but also high-speed railway lines. These services are operated at speeds between 230 and 250 kph.


Some of the major cities of Shilesia are connected by highways. Less important destinations are also connected with other minor roads. The system is well-kept, but currently there are no major expansions planned.


Shilesian Parliament diagram after 2016 elections.

Shilesia is a republic with one-house parliament. After the most recent election the Shilesian Conservatives party is dominating current government.