Sidera Crater National Park

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Sidera Crater Park map

The Sidera Crater National Park is a national park in Neo Delta, Archanta. The park is located mostly in the state of Attu Perza, with a small area in the neighboring state of Senatti. The park was created in 2015 by the Department of Parks and Recreation of Neo Delta in the Ministry of the Environment of the country. The Sidera Crater National Park is one of the largest parks of Neo Delta and encompasses the entire area of the Sidera crater site, where an asteroid has crashed around 50 million years ago.

View of the Sidera Crater

The park hosts the Astronomy Center of the National University of Neo Delta, it also has several trekking routs and a viewpoint of the entire crater in one of its borders. The entrance of the park is through the town of Sidera, less than 2 hours from the Malojdeh International Airport and the East Zaudge Airport. It is open to visitation from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., from Tuesdays until Sundays.

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