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8, -32.951, 141.866
State of Sierra
Estado de Sierra
FlagCoat of arms
FlagState Seal
"Totum Mundi"
A Whole New World
Mi Sierra Bonita
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Official languagesnone
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
 • GovernorMaggie Woods
 • Lieutenant GovernorJonathan Torres
LegislatureState Assembly
 • Upper houseState Senata
 • Lower houseState House
 • Total136,088.42 km2
52,544.03 sq mi

The State of Sierra (Castellanese: Estado de Sierra) is a state is the western Federal States. It is one of the largest states in terms of area, but more sparsely populated. The state is known for its landscape consisting of the Sierras, wide, open high plains and plateaus, desert areas and rivers. It borders Tauhon in the west, Clamash to the south, Riopoderos to the southeast, AR120-72 to the east, AR120-74 to the north and AR120-73 to the northeast.

Sierra was first settled around the year 800, had vibrant Native Archantan cultures, settlements and even some cities by 1000-1200. Sierra was explored by the Castellanese from around 1530, though primarily from 1650 onward. The first settlements sprang up around the rivers, primarily in the west. Sierra became a possession of the FSA in 1841 and a territory in 1858. Statehood was achieved in April 1873.

The capital of Sierra is Elvira, though the largest city is Dennison.


Overland caravans of settlers began arriving to Sierra in the late 1840s and through the 1850s.

When Sierra became an organized territory, Lola was named the capital in 1858. In 1864 the businessmen in Dennison, a growing town, declared Dennison as capital in order to secure a future railway connection. A brief Civil War broke out between Dennison and Lola-based militias but the federal government named Dennison the capital in 1866. A first bid for statehood in 1868 was derailed over the selection of a capital, but in 1871 the railway bypassed both Dennison and Lola and went through the middle of the state in Elvira. Elvira was named a compromise capital in 1871 and statehood was made official the following year.

Large deposits of silver and gold were discovered in the center-west in 1874, leading to a huge influx of prospectors and their families, though many would leave as the easy gold was mostly gone around 1879.

Government and politics

Sierra has a government similar to that of the FSA. It is headed by an elected Governor, supported by a Lieutenant Governor. The governor appoints other members to government, such as the secretary of state, attorney general and treasurer. The current governor is Maggie Woods, of the [right-wing party] elected in 2017 to a second term.

Sierra has been a key swing state in Federal States politics since the early 1940s, and is often known as the "flip-flop state". The state has often gone from left-wing to right-wing governments in succession, and is known for election patterns that buck the general nationwide trend. The east, south and northeast is often considered to be a more conservative voting region in the state, while the center and west are more left-leaning. The major cities are more left-leaning, though Lola has been more right-leaning than all the others.

Political divisions

Sierra's 22 Counties

The state is divided into 22 counties. Estancia County is the largest in terms of area, and the City-County of Dennison is the smallest and most populous. Sierra is unofficially divided into five regions: West, Central, East, North and South.

County County Seat Area in km² (miles) Population Population Density in km² (miles) Map
Andaguani Andaguani City TBD 52,600 TBD TBD
Braxton Lola TBD 288,450 TBD TBD
Brenton Montillo TBD 77,900 TBD TBD
Dennison Dennison TBD 672,500 TBD TBD
Dillon Dillon TBD 56,225 TBD TBD
Elgin Vilsack 83,200 TBD TBD TBD
Estancia La Rue TBD 79,100 TBD TBD
Gerrard Everson TBD 66,885 TBD TBD
Los Valles Timona TBD 51,200 TBD TBD
Meseta Elvira TBD 499,600 TBD TBD
Pinault Chapman TBD 304,500 TBD TBD
Pink Hernandez TBD 76,800 TBD TBD
Serrano Unita TBD 922,115 TBD TBD
Wilfried Barclay TBD 413,220 TBD TBD
Yahomas Billard TBD 206,000 TBD TBD
Zusi County Burris TBD 66,250 TBD TBD



Most are mountains, a few are mesas or buttes (flat-topped). Mount Esguerra is the talles in the state at 4501 m. Estancia county has the most mountains of any county, and Zusi County has the two tallest.

Name County Height (m.) Map
Asabia Peak Estancia County 3001 map
Black Rock Yahomas County 2695 map
Blythe's Peak Estancia County 3456 map
Calvin Peak Cusatia County 1969 map
Colorado Peak Estancia County 2372 map
Coyanha Rock Yahomas County 2727 map
Currant's Peak Serrano County 3064 map
Dominguez Peak Estancia County 3723 map
Flat Butte Estancia County 2412 map
Gardiner's Peak Estancia County 2641 map
Genevieve Peak Asuma County 2068 map
Henderson Peak Meseta County 2001 map
Hernandez Peak Cusatia County 4009 map
Joshua Peak Estancia County 3347 map
Junasias Peak Cusatia County 4378 map
Mesa Luis Zusi County 3987 map
Meseta Chica Serrano County 3148 map
Meseta Grande Serrano County 3112 map
Monte Cristo Cusatia County 3872 map
Monte Guerrero Estancia County 3996 map
Mount Clinton Cusatia County 4198 map
Mount Elgin Elgin County 3808 map
Mount Eloise Zusi County 4006 map
Mount Esguerra Zusi County 4501 map
Mount Geraldine Cusatia County 2244 map
Mount Gordon Zusi County 1915 map
Mount Gustavia Asuma County 1799 map
Mount Helena Zusi County 4468 map
Mount Helles Elgin County 2102 map
Mount Oswaldo Serrano County 1886 map
Mount Salazar Estancia County 4150 map
Mount Serpentine Zusi County 3012 map
Mount Vera Cusatia County 3667 map
Mount Vilsack Elgin County 2016 map
Norbert Rock Elgin County 1625 map
Pico Grande Estancia County 4316 map
Roca Grande Cusatia County 3812 map
Rocky Mount Yahomas County 2071 map
Saguas Butte Saguas County 1668 map
Sebita Peak Yahomas County 2214 map
Spearmint Butte Serrano County 955 map
Truchas Peak Estancia County 3855 map
Tumona Peak Estancia County 3308 map
Undaia Peak Asuma County 3100 map
Vilchez Peak Estancia County 2874 map
Yunica Peak Estancia County 2265 map

Motorways in Sierra

There are 3 types of highways in Sierra, national (interstate) routes, state routes and instrastates.

National routes

National routs are all dual carriageway separated highways.

Route Length
 75  77–border with Riopoderos Length
 77  Burris–Timona–North Dennison–Dennison–Redonda-Elvira–Lola–Dillon–Montillo Length
 80  Chapman–Barclay–Dennison–San Daniel–La Rue Length
 477  North Dennison–Unita–Redonda (toll road) Length

State routes

State routes may be both single or dual carriageway.

Route Length
Sierran Route 1 sign.png Hernandez–Barclay–Dennison Length
Sierran Route 2 sign.png Route 80 Length
Sierran Route 3 sign.png Elvira Length
Sierran Route 4 sign.png North of Dennison Length
Sierran Route 5 sign.png Northern Turnpike (Billard-Duchess) Length
Sierran Route 6 sign.png Elvira-Posada–state border Length
Sierran Route 7 sign.png Vilsack Length
Sierran Route 9 sign.png Farnham Avenue–West/East Forest (Greater Dennison) Length
Sierran Route 9 sign.png Farnham Avenue–West/East Forest (Greater Dennison) Length
Sierran Route 10 sign.png S-6–Guerrero–Andaguani City–state border Length
Sierran Route 13 sign.png S-11–Chapman Length
Sierran Route 19 sign.png XX Length

Intrastate routes

Intrastate routes are secondary highways entirely within the state, or portions of state routes not considered as important.

Route Length
Sierran intrastate route 101.png La Rue–Vilsack Length
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