Sierra Grande

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Sierra Grande

This Sierra goes roughly in north to south direction throught Latina. The Sierra is the main-watershed in the land between the eastern and the southern coast of the ocean. In Latina the range is ca. 1.500 km long. So it reached from 8,8 ° S to 20,2 ° S.

Highest peak is the Monte Veritas in the north with 5.003 m. Other high mountains are (from north to the south) Cabeza del Rey (4477 m), Cuerno Diabolo (4012 m), Monte Charlotta (3855 m), Monte Herrumbre (3510 m), Cumbre Tagocipa (2844 m) and Monte Rastrillo (3174 m). So is to see, that from north to the south the peaks of the range will be lower.

Lowest point is the Elk-pass with 903 m. Here passes the main-way from Topahappan to Van Pelt. Second lowest pass is Porto los Jabalis (987 m) (means pass of wild boar) for the important road # 8 to Porto Colon.

Highest mountain of Latina, the Monte Golario (5941 m) is no part of the Sierra Grande, but lays ca. 150 km in the east, divited from the great range with the valley of the river Rio Guermantes.

Often the Sierra Grande is broad only 15 to 20 km, but the mountains then very mighty with a level difference to 2000 m at only 10 km. A great part of the area of the Sierra lays under natural protection, so that there are many natural-reserves offside the main roads.