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13, -26.4508, 145.2791
 • ProvinceSouthern Mountains
Elevation3 m
Postal Code760XX
Telephone Code076

Silversea is the capital and largest city of the Province of Southern Mountains in Mecyna. It is the principal city of the Silversea Coast, the largest metropolitan area in the nation. Silversea is widely regarded as the intellectual center of Mecyna and is home to the prestigious Silversea University and Silversea Medical Center.


Silversea was founded in 1850 near present-day Ellis Square in downtown. For the next 100 years, the city functioned as a minor port serving Southern Mecyna. Since then, most older buildings have been redeveloped, and many roads were restored or rerouted during the Highway Reconstruction Project of 1999.



Inside Beltway


Downtown is the historic and geographic center of Silversea. The area encompasses Silversea Common, as well as other public spaces including City Circle, Ellis Square, Pemberton Park, Potsdam Square, Presidential Plaza, and Taylor Square. It is also the commercial center of the city, and contains two large shopping malls, City Place and The Silversea Galleria. The area is served by several subway lines and the Metro Center, which provides bus and rail connections to and from further destinations.

Financial District

Generally defined as the area surrounding Springer Square, the Financial District is home to the Silversea Stock Exchange, the SMBank Tower, and the South Mecyna Bank Building. The old Southern Mountains State House also lies in the Financial District, although it has no longer been used since all administrative buildings moved to Capital Center. The building has since been preserved as a museum.

Uptown/Upper Bay

Uptown is a residential and commercial neighborhood approximately one mile north of downtown Silversea. It is centered around the intersection of MLK Jr Blvd and King Street at the King Street railway station. Because of its proximity to Silversea University, the area serves as a college town, in particular the businesses along King Street and Valentine Avenue. The area also contains the South Mecyna Conservatory and the Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts. Upper Bay, directly west of Uptown, is a strictly residential area that was developed on reclaimed land in 1940 and is often known for its old row houses. Notable public spaces in Uptown and Upper Bay include the Alexander Hamilton Greenway, Cooper Square, Drydocks Park, and Riverside Park.


Built on reclaimed land in 1995, Waterside is a residential and commercial district located at the southwestern terminus of the Lawrence Expressway. In order to serve Silversea's growing tourism industry, the Oceanside Hotel & Casino, the James Garfield Convention Center, and the Malverne Conference Center were all built in this area. These buildings, as well as Waterside Plaza Mall, are connected via pedestrian tunnels and bridges that also link to the Medical Center. There are also many smaller hotels in Waterside, primarily serving the Convention Center and the Medical Center.

West Village

West Village is a residential neighborhood immediately west of Downtown and Silversea Common. The neighborhood is generally defined as the area north of Chauncey Avenue, west of Cleveland Avenue, and southeast of the Holcombe River. It includes Logan Square Park, Tristram Park, and Worcester Square, and it is well-known for housing a high concentration of artists and musicians. There are also many bars and nightclubs located in the area.


Westmarket is considered to be the area around the intersection of Westmarket Avenue and Park Avenue (Meredith Square), and is located within walking distance to the Metro Center. While most of Silversea's financial operations are located in the Financial District, Westmarket is home to the offices of many other large corporations. The area was redeveloped in 1999 as the Silversea Turnpike was moved underground. In Westmarket, the West Kennedy Greenway was built above the highway. The Anniversary Tower was built two years later in 2001, and it is currently the tallest building in Silversea.

East Silversea

North Silversea

West Silversea

Outside Silversea Proper





Silversea's expressway system consists of several highways, which are maintained by both national and local agencies. The principal expressways form a hub-and-spoke layout around Downtown. The inner loop, also known as the Beltway (Highway 173), forms a half circle approximately 3 km from the city center. The outer loop, also known as the Continental Expressway (Highway 474), is located approximately 12 km away. Two expressways pass through Downtown: the Silversea Turnpike (Highway 73) runs from east to west, while the Lawrence Expressway (Highway 372) runs from north to south and terminates at Waterside Park. The Southeastern Expressway (Highway 572) begins at the southeastern corner of the Beltway and serves suburbs along the eastern coast. The Stableford Toll Road is a short 7-km highway maintained by the Silversea Department of Transportation that serves Silversea's northeastern suburbs.

Other Highways

There are also several limited-access roads that do not meet national expressway standards and often traffic lights, the best example being Highway 74. West of Silversea, it is called Stewart Drive and is an elevated limited-access highway. Within the city of Silversea, it becomes Ocean Boulevard and contains several traffic lights. Further east, it becomes Randolph Highway, a major expressway, and later Canfield Road, a limited-access highway with few traffic lights. Highway 72, or the Great South Road, was originally the primary entry way into Silversea before the Turnpike was constructed, and it is currently a limited-access highway with few traffic lights.


Mass Transit

The Silversea Department of Transportation manages the Silversea Subway and local bus routes.


James Strasser International Airport is located 10 km southeast of the city. The airport was built in 1975 and designed to be the hub of international flights into Mecyna. There are also frequent shuttle flights to and from Canal International Airport (Guntrum), Nimbus-Kingsholm, and Gilagonas.

Water transport



Colleges and Universities

Silversea is the city with the highest concentration of students in Mecyna. It is home to Silversea University, a public university founded in 1901 and is now widely regarded as the most prestigious institution of higher education in the nation. There are also a number of smaller colleges located within the city, such as Marmot Valley Community College and Wheeling College. The NU School of Nursing, School of Medicine, and Daniel Ryan College Silversea Campus are all located within the Medical Center.

Stearns Institute of Technology is located in Canfield, approximately 45 km east of downtown Silversea. Southern Mountains University also has its primary branch in Stahaven, a satellite city 15 km northeast of downtown Silversea.

Public Education