Siran Velthan

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The Siran Velthan is the currency of Lossira. It is further subdivided into 100 talfa. The symbol for the Velthan is [ ᛝ ], while the symbol for the Talfa is [ Ꭶ ]. Bills are issued in denominations of ᛝ500, ᛝ100, ᛝ50, ᛝ20, ᛝ10, and ᛝ5. Coins are issued in denominations of ᛝ2, ᛝ1, 50Ꭶ, 20Ꭶ, 10Ꭶ, 5Ꭶ, and Ꭶ1.

The current exchange rate is 1 USD equal to ᛝ4.37, with ᛝ1 being worth roughly 23¢.

Value Obverse Reverse Value in AN Flag.png USD
ᛝ500 $114.50
ᛝ100 Velthan100obverse.png $22.90
ᛝ50 $11.45
ᛝ20 $4.58
ᛝ10 $2.29
ᛝ5 $1.15
ᛝ2 $0.46
ᛝ1 $0.229
50Ꭶ $0.115
20Ꭶ $0.046
10Ꭶ $0.023
5Ꭶ $0.012
1Ꭶ $0.0023