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Skylstad Tower, formerly PTR Tower, is a very prominent skyscraper located in downtown Quentinsburgh, Freedemia. Of no relation to Paroy's PTR, the building was made in 1962 as one of the most futuristic and memorable buildings in Quentinsburgh. Located at the corner of Fredrick and James Streets, the 70-story large mixed-use building resembles a giant glass paper towel roll on a holder.

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In 1959, the city of Quentinsburgh turned to Architect Henry Andersen to design a futuristic landmark skyscraper for central Quentinsburgh, since the landscape had nothing to tell it apart from other major cities. The building was completed on December 9th, 1962. While many people think the tower was named after some business or person's initials or something similar, Architect Henry Andersen chose the name PTR Tower because the building was modeled after a giant futuristic glass paper towel roll on a paper towel holder, hence the name PTR. At the time, many of his peers thought the idea was crazy, but after working with the idea and polishing the details, adding the beautiful courtyard and the rounded rooftop garden with plexiglass railing, people in the town ended up loving it. Even today it is the biggest landmark in the Quentinsburgh skyline with its unique design.

On March 29th, 1963, FQTN 13 began broadcasting from a new, stronger tower on top of PTR Tower.

PTR Tower was completely renovated in 2004, closing mostly down until 2006 with the exception of FQTN 13's broadcasting station. Their studios, however, did move out to another building.

In 2009, Skylstad Group bought PTR Tower and renamed it Skylstad Tower.