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Solsburg stands at the southern end of the Firth of Hetzer in Utterland, and straddles the mouth of the river Utter flowing into it. The west bank has Fort Solsburg standing proud, surrounded by the old city, still within its ancient city walls. Also contained is Solsburg Cathedral, midway between the Fort and West Burgh Museum. West Burgh used to be the palace for the rulers of Solsburgh. The modern railway passes to the south of the city walls, after crossing from the east. The old railway, now a preserved line, runs from the northern end of the city walls to Woudendijk. This line is not exactly scenic, as it now passes through an industrial estate and under the towering edifices of the West Solsburg power station.

Solsburg lies only 15 km south of Ligota in Shilesia and 35 km south of Kirchenburg in Welstand-Westrijk, a border town and a garrison town.

The eastern part of the city has a fortress, Fort Merken, which is glowering west, across the water at Fort Solsburg. The two fastnesses used to belong to two different and hostile factions. The western faction tried to cross the river many a time, but always ran up against the ramparts of Fort Merken. These are now clad in parkland, but the riverside street, De Bierkaai, is an obscure reference to this animosity. Fighting "De Bierkaai" means engaging in a futile battle, which you'll never win.