Sonela Gohi

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Achtung.svg This is a lost country (or other lost place) that no longer exists in OpenGeofiction.

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5, 64.7, 108.5
Sonela Gohi

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 • Councillor
 • Federal President
 • Upper houseNine Councils
 • Lower houseFederals
 • Total525,000 km2
Drives on theright


The geography of Sonela Gohi is dominated by the immense Gani Di-Tso mountain range and the uplifted Ulis Dav plateau. To the north, the province of an arctic tundra extends from the northern extent of Gani Di-Tso to the coast of the ice-filled Awisuitok Sea to the north. The fertile piedmont region south of Gani Di-Tso comprises the Tuyasdi Uweyv province which extends to the border with [[]].

Administrative division


Sonela Gohi is divided into 3 provinces.

Name Code Capital Area (km2)
Tuyasdi Uweyv TU Luhis 133,000
Ulis Dav UD New Ayeli 113,000
Iqual Ukang Iqtuk IUI Iqalukangiqtuk 120,528
Aituserk ATSK Sequiliak 108,234
Sonela Dinila SD 1,288

Major Cities

Name Incorporated Date Population
New Ayeli
Submerged church tower of Old Ayeli viewed from Outlook Hill park in New Ayeli.


Agriculture is concentrated mostly in the fertile northern region of Tuyasdi Uweuv, which receives high rates of precipitation due to the weather effects of the Gani Di-Tso mountains. This is followed by the plains of Ulis Dav which receive water from glacial melt and artificial irrigation.

Mining is the second largest industry, due to oil and petroleum sourced largely from Iqual Ukang Iqtuk and the numerous heavy metal deposits in the northern range of the Gani Di-Tso mountains.

Main camp of the Mohorovičić mining lease in the Great Northern Nature Reserve

Major Companies