South-West Astrasian Economic Alliance (SWAEA)

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South-West Astrasian Economic Alliance
Alternate Name(s):
Intergovernmental Organization with Headquarters in Xsegunis
Address [1]
General Information
Year Founded 1996
Number of Members 15
Secretary General Asunykonvtsimohacentetulwyxo
Flagxsegunis.png Xsegunis

The South-West Astrasian Economic Alliance - SWAEA (Castellanese: Alianza Económica de Astrasia del Suroeste - AEASO; Florescentian: Aliança Econômica da Astrasia do Sudoeste - AEASO; Franquese: Alliance Economique de l'Astrasie du Sud-Ouest - AEASO; High Astrasian: Zuidwest-Astrasische Economische Alliantie - ZWAEA; Wapashian: Kokāya Ekonomī Astrēs̄kī Sūrī-Kerī - KEASK; Xseget: Lolisunutpwgunasterunykonomykunwgenavgsonts) is an international organization that promotes economic, political and diplomatic cooperation originally between countries in the South-Western part of the Archantan subcontinent of Astrasia. However, countries from other parts of Astrasia are also invited to participate.


SWAEA Members in August 2018
A first attempt between countries in the region to establish a similar organization was the South-West-Astrasian Customs Union, which was discussed in the late '60s and early '70s before being abandoned in 1974. New talks from a different point of view were however initiated by the governments of Neo Delta and Xsegunis in the early '90s. SWAEA was subsequently founded in 1996.


The original goal back in 1996 was to promote economic cooperation between the member states by means of lifting trade restrictions. Its purpose later opened up, including topics such as the promotion of free trade and the fluid movement of goods, people, and currency, integrating the countries in Astrasia. The alliance also enphasizes in the commitment by the member states to make the necessary adjustments to their laws in pertinent areas to allow for the strengthening of the integration processes.


SWAEA is governed by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government and serviced by the SWAEA Secretariat. Other organisations and institutions include the SWAEA Surveillance Authority, the SWAEA Court, and the SWAEA Statistical Office.

Member states

Member Status
( * indicates founding member)
Joined Capital Population Total area (km²) Largest City Official Languages Government type
Drapeau du Royaume d'Ambroisie.jpg Ambrosia full member 1996 Port Ambroise 14 445 691 174 706.20 Meridian Franquese ...
Artenia Flag.svg Artenia full member 2003 Deplorine 8,120,594 TBD Deplorine Ingerish, Native Artenian Democracy
ElhádhonFlah.png Elhádhon full member 1997 Künsmen 166,205 166.28 Künsmen Elhádhad Republic
HanyalaFlag.png Hanyala full member 2019 Mehelsa TBD 9,324 South Lake Hanyal & Ingerish Republic
Karvaland flag.png Karvaland full member 2017 Duncaster 16,003,139 58111.78 Port Earnest Ingerish Monarchy
KovatanyFlag.svg Kovatany full member 2013 Renivohitra 100,131 1224.57 Renivohitra Ilkova Monarchy
Flag Lezerne.png Levarrie full member 2001 Eburen 1,298,739 3,604.88 Eburen High Astrasian Republic
Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta full member* 1996 Malojdeh 8,760,312 50,646.14 Malojdeh Ingerish Republic
Randalia Flag.png Randalia full member* 1996 Arborvell 18,682,503 635,844.00 Roscovina Ingerish Republic
SAF flag.svg South Astrasian Federation full member 2016 Astrasiápolis 71,000,000 99498.01 Astrasiápolis Florescentian Monarchy
TriaquiaFlag.png Triaquia full member 2016 Belmont TBD 129,103.05 Belmont Franquese Republic
UNESIA Flag-125x65.png Unesia full member 2017 Unopolis 34,917,036 292,183.4 Musāwir Ingerish Republic
VegaFlag.PNG Vega full member 2004 Vega 24,631,002 142,862.43 Vega Castellanese, Holandic Monarchy
Wapashian Flag.png Wapashia full member* 1996 Tarkanara 515,490 32,834 Peshpoto Wapashian, Ingerish Republic
Flagxsegunis.png Xsegunis full member* 1996 Rwynuk t.b.d. 160,924.15 Harcsert Xseget Religious confederation
Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris full member 2004 Ordyo City TBD 269,172 Ordyo City Yurish Republic
FLAGJISL.png Jørpenilands associated member 1996 Jørp 183.509 Jørp Zylandic Territory of Zylanda

Former member states

Member Status
( * indicates founding member)
Joined Left Capital Population Total area (km²) Largest City Official Languages Government type
Flag of Naajaland.PNG Naajaland associated member 1996 2013 Inuarfik 100,179 34,498 Inuarfik Naajalandic Republic

The Assembly

The most important institution is the Assembly of Heads of State and Government (Assembly for short), which meets every six months to discuss ongoing issues and takes decisions on proposed regulations.

The Secretariat

The daily affairs are taken care of by the SWAEA Secretariat, which is headed by the Secretary General, an official who is nominated by one of the member states (in alphabetical order of their short names in Ingerish1) for one two year term, starting every July. The choice of Secretary General has to be approved by the Assembly.

List of Secretaries General of SWAEA

# name term country remarks
1 1996 - 1998 Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta
2 Allen Traxell 1998 - 2000 Randalia Flag.png Randalia
3 Nāra Morūkwa 2000 - 2002 Wapashian Flag.png Wapashia
4 Asunykonwsetoraqalavsyxvnwa 2002 - 2004 Flagxsegunis.png Xsegunis
5 2004 - 2006 Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris
6 2006 - 2008 ElhádhonFlah.png Elhádhon
7 2008 - 2010 Flag Lezerne.png Levarrie
8 2010 - 2012 Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta
9 Emerson Sylvus 2012 - 2014 Randalia Flag.png Randalia
10 2014 - 2016 VegaFlag.PNG Vega
11 Trevor Southerley 2016 - 2018 Wapashian Flag.png Wapashia
12 Asunykonvtsimohacentetulwyxo 2018 - 2020 Flagxsegunis.png Xsegunis
13 2020 - 2022 Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris
14 2022 - 2024 Flag of Demirhan Empire.png Demirhanlı Devleti

1Member states joining retroactively should be avoided if this would logically render this list incorrect until present day. Changes after present day are of course allowed if new member states join whose names can be inserted alphabetically before the countries that are already listed.

Treaties and Agreements

Founding treaty

Agreement on the Astrasian Economic Region

The Agreement on the Astrasian Economic Region provides free movement of persons, goods, capital, and services. The compliance of the member states with this agreement is monitored by the SWAEA Surveillance Authority.


SWAEA Surveillance Authority


SWAEA Statistical Office

SWAEA Human Rights Office

To become a member of the SWAEA a country must meet the criteria defined at the first of the first SWAEA meeting in 1996. These require a that all member states respect human rights and civil liberties, even if a country does not have a fully democratic government. The SWAEA Human Rights Office is respondible for the evaluation of a country's fulfilment of the criteria.

Name discussion

Originally intended as an organisation for countries in the South-Western part of Astrasia, the countries that joined SWAEA since 1996 can be found all over the subcontinent, which has triggered proposals to change the name more than once. The discussion is however ongoing.

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Members of the South-West Astrasian Economic Alliance (SWAEA)

Full members: · Drapeau du Royaume d'Ambroisie.jpg Ambrosia · ElhádhonFlah.png Elhádhon · Karvaland flag.png Karvaland · KovatanyFlag.svg Kovatany · Flag Lezerne.png Levarrie · Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta · Randalia Flag.png Randalia · SAF flag.svg South Astrasian Federation · TriaquiaFlag.png Triaquia · UNESIA Flag-125x65.png Unesia · VegaFlag.PNG Vega · Wapashian Flag.png Wapashia · Flagxsegunis.png Xsegunis · Yuris Flag.jpg Yuris

Associate member: FLAGJISL.png Jørpenilands

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