South Asperic Islands

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8, -53.835, 79.413
Ingerish Overseas Territory of South Asperic Islands
South Asperic Islands
"To Serve Our Lord"
and largest city
Port Bluff
Official languagesIngerish
DemonymSouth Asperite, South Asperic Islander
GovernmentDevolved parliamentary dependency under a federal parliamentary monarchy
 • MonarchGeoffrey VII
 • Governor GeneralHugo Wallace
 • Chief ExecutiveCaroline Stone
LegislatureLegislative Assembly
 • Total12498.09 km2
4825.54 sq mi
CurrencyTaller (ITL)
Drives on theright
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The South Asperic Islands (Colloquial: the Islands) is an Ingerish Overseas Territory located in the Southwestern Asperic Ocean near the continent of Antarephia. It is comprised of a group of X islands that make up the Southern Asperic Archipelago. Its capital and largest city is Port Bluff (more commonly referred to as just Bluff), where XX% of the population live. Other population centers include Diamond Bay, Rotiapakoi, and Oberth Harbour.

The South Asperic Islands is a member of the Ingerish Commonwealth, which it joined in 19XX when it became a semi-independent territory of Ingerland. The Islands retain a mixture of Ingerish and (TBD) cultural heritage.

The Islands are home to a strong Ingerish Commonwealth military presence, with two major bases located on Enderby Island. Other industries include fishing, farming, tourism, forestry, and oil extraction. The Islands are also widely regarded for their biodiversity and unique species of endemic seabirds, penguins, seals, and fish.