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17, -1.90319, 32.22917
Suburb of Saviso
Southbank Avenue at night
 • Territorial authoritySaviso City
 • Provincial electorateCentral Saviso
 • National electorateSaviso
Postal Code5600
Telephone Code057 501
Metro Navy 
Tram 2   20   55   64   77 

Southbank is an inner suburb of Saviso, St Austell, Vodeo, located immediately to the northwest Saviso's central business district. It is located in the Saviso City council area. Southbank is bordered to the north by the Saviso River, the east by Spencer Stream, the south by Rutherford Street, and the west by Ventnor, Kitchener, and Wellesley Streets. Southbank is one of the smallest suburbs in Saviso, and was not officially gazetted as a suburb until 2005, when the St Austellian government judged that it had a "sufficiently unique character separate to that of the Central Business District"; Kilden was gazetted at the same time.

Formerly an industrial area with some office areas along Southbank Avenue, in the 1960s the area began transitioning into a nightlife hub, partly as a result of rising rents in the Rochester Street area, and by the late 1970s was also established as the city's main red light district. Gentrification in the 1990s saw the suburb become the site of apartment buildings and more upmarket clubs, and today Southbank has a reputation as a relatively wealthy, yet fashionable, nightclub area. Holdings Place, Southbank's main street, was turned into a pedestrian mall between Ward and Canal Streets in 1996, and is today the nexus of the suburb's nightlife precinct alongside Sturges Street and Southbank Avenue.